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    £1m for a brass band

    Have to say I was nervous about watching the program. Turned out ok in the end. Even the X factor style auditions worked well. Let's not forget how alien our hobby can be to the general public, so a little Saturday night TV slant helps the accessability. Quick question. If Dinnington are...
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    Listen To The Band

    I think the BBC has a duty to represent the movement. But probably not prime time Friday evening. As has been said here. Most bands are rehearsing or in the boozer. The ideal for me would be a weekly podcast. Similar to but done by the BBC. Maybe even the mouthpiece, 4...
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    The Royal Doulton Band

    Hi, The Band folded cos the Royal Doulton company could not keep the sponsorship going. Yes the band became the City of Stoke Brass, supported by the Musicians Union and the City of Stoke Council for a good number of years. They became a stable 2nd section outfit. The band had its best years...
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    Greenway Selectus Biddulph

    Marc Owen had the band for a few years in the early 90's, then David Evans. Les Manning is still playing at Silk Brass if you knew him from them days? Horn Player...
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    Greenway Selectus Biddulph

    Good Point! Those years were hazy for me, sniffing alot of valve oil at the time!! ;-)
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    Greenway Selectus Biddulph

    Hi, Unfortunately the band went under about 1997. Just not enough players in the area. Shame cos we had made it into the 1st Section. Some of the band now play for Crewe Co-op and some for Silk Brass.
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    United Co-op Band (Crewe) and The Fairey Band in Concert

    The World Famous Fairey Brass Band from Stockport, previously Fairey Engineering/Aviation band is to appear in concert in Crewe for the first time since it was founded in 1937. The band is currently ranked 10th in the world, and has been invited by the United Co-Op Band in Crewe to appear in a...
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    Green Banding

    How much would banding change if the Band Registry stated that all players in the band must live within 20 miles of the bandroom? It maybe in the future that with fuel prices we may have to play for the band "round the corner" and not travel some distance to play for a "better" band.
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    Why are Black Dyke allowed to jump the Whit Friday queue's

    Perhaps the agressive attitude shown by some "top bands" is not so much greed, as the need to earn 6K on the night to pay the expenses of superstar players to travel 120 mile round trips to rehearsals. If you look at the money earnings list on 4barsrest, whit friday makes up a serious chunk of...
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    Whit Friday Results

    Fair results for a Hardworking band Should think so too Scooby, I was playing with the Police band at the weekend. :-) To answer the question about deps, I think there we three deps including myself. All friends of the band and only there to cover for a player who could not make it...
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    Lytham Brass Festival / Slow Melody and Quartet Competition.

    Nearly forgot. Public thanks to Fiona (Jockinafrock) for organising the pieces and wagging for us. We all appreciate the hours and stress, and hard work on stage keeping us together......
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    Lytham Brass Festival / Slow Melody and Quartet Competition.

    Yes I agree Fiona, great day all round. Its true we have lost the art of Quartet playing and it turned out to be more difficult that we all thought. Think we have all learnt a few things. Also can I also say thanks to Malcolm Brownbill for his contructive comments. Perhaps if we had...
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    Early Area weekend

    Our Area (North West) seems to be first up this year, and normally would be a week later. Given that in calandar terms we have lost a week, and some areas (Midlands is in three weeks for instance) have more rehearsal time. Does having an extra few weeks on the area piece after christmas...
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    NEMBBA Contest 22nd Feb Derby

    There has always been fewer bands in the 1st section than the rest. I am guessing the two bands pulled out because Penticle is a hard piece for the 1st section that needs another three weeks to get up to performace standard. I have always enjoyed Derby as a run out for the area. Pity there...
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    NEMBBA Contest 22nd Feb Derby

    well done silk.!