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    Sequels that have gone too far!!!

    Ice Age.....just stop it now.
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    The Grumpy Old Rant Room

    Making yourself a hot drink whilst you´re busy doing something, then return to it just as the temperature has dropped beneath the acceptable level. Losing my licence for being 0.02mg of alcohol over the limit, having to take my test again and then contest with 20% of the island´s drivers who...
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    Caption Competition - October 2009

    What are you complaining about? His dad didn´t hide the mouthpiece in you!
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    Caption Competition - September 2009

    ....I could be earning more money answering the phone for Orange
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    Caption Competition - September 2009

    We surveyed a 100 people, asking "which musical instrument would you most like to see wrapped around Vernon Kay´s throat?"
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    Point of Ayr band.

    Fly me over mate.....I´m actually in decent practice too......for a change.
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    Have you got a Point of Ayr Uniform?

    I´ve got a Tesco tie, but I love it too much to post back.
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    Point of Ayr return

    All right, all flippin' RIGHT!!! off the dogs, I give up!!!! Such are the qualities and determination of the core guys at Point, not to mention the great memories from longer than a decade ago, that after 6yrs of (rather enjoyable) hornlessness, I'm back blowing again. Maybe you have...
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    How far to rehearse?

    Used to do 190 mile round trip twice a week. Spanning 5 counties and 2 countries
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    The correct grammatical use of the word... "who"...?

    ...and for budding etymologists....they used to be spelt hwo, hwom and hwat.
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    Caption Competition : June 2007

    The Brass Borrowers signalled to the golfers that they had both found the bunker.
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    6 letters game

    Methinks English Ministers Often Revere Yanks Revere
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    Co-op 2000 Brass, Crewe, Cheshire

    Great bunch of guys. A band on the up.