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    ABRSM Exams

    How do you mean borrowed?
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    Thornes Music

    Hi, is this still the case to contact Roger? I'm interested in his Good King Wenceslas Thanks
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    Decent band music

    hi chaps. My band has just informed me that we've got a bit of money to spend on music and I was wondering what's good at the moment. We're a 3rd section band but like being stretched, and looking for pretty much anything. Thanks Wayne
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    Sold/Expired Brass quintet music needed.

    Hi guys, I'm needing 2 pieces for brass quintet for a wedding that is rapidly growing close. Edelweiss from the Sound of Music. La vie en rose as sung by Edith Piaf. If anyone can help me I'd be very grateful. Many thanks Waynefiler
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    How far did you travel to the area ?

    From the bandroom... 2.6 miles.
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    Blackpool Brass vacancies

    Blackpool Brass are looking for players to complete our successful line-up. With a win at Brass at the Guild and a qualification to the National Finals in Cheltenham, we have a good concert/contest balance. We are looking for, Tenor Horn Front Row Bass trombone Perc. All positions are...
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    So you think you know Arban...

    As the f# has not been naturalised it still us a F#. Also the run up is a G minor harmonic scale, but saying that, I've got the conservatoire edition and...
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    Butlins Entertainment

    I believe that we (King's Band) are playing on the Saturday night. Not wanting to give too much away, but it looks like it's gonna be a stonker of a programme. I'm really looking forward to it.
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    Woodland Pictures

    It's not difficult, it's basically the same 2-3 themes just repeated over and over. It's just there's nowhere to take a breather.
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    Woodland Pictures

    How about an extra 3 lungs each just for the 3rd movement! I rewrote the sop and front row parts to make it more payable but thankfully we're not going anymore. What an awful piece!
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    Sold/Expired Geneva Evolution Cornet

    Hi all, I've got a Geneva Evolution cornet for sale, if you're interested please bid on eBay or pm here. thanks. wayne
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    Big Bands in the Blackpool area.

    Hi Guys, I'm moving to the Blackpool area in April, Does anyone know any big bands that would require a trumpet player. Thanks. Wayne
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    scaba Entertainment Contest 2013

    St. Sebastian Wokingham band played Fanfare for Rocky Born on the 4th of July, cornet soloist Damon Emes Skyfall Walking with Heroes Hawaii 5-0 oh... And we won!
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    Practice valves

    Again, it's not quite the same but fairly similar,
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    Recent concert programmes

    It was an epic programme, but sounded fantastic, Rocky Fanfare - Conti Arr. Wyss The Magic Flute - Mozart Arr. Kenyon Born on the 4th of July - Williams Arr. Duncan - Soloist Damon Emes Puttin' on the Ritz - Berlin Arr. Roberts I Dreamed a Dream - Schonberg Arr. Barry Deep inside the Sacred...