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    Sold/Expired Wanted USED UNIFORM JACKETS

    I'm looking for some red uniform jackets, or possibly dark with red lapels, to use with my fanfare trumpet group. . Half a band set would do...about 10 or 12 jackets covering the range of adult male sizes. If you have some used ones you would like to convert into...
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    Cornets: Triggered main tuning slide

    The Olds Recording cornet had a main slide trigger way back in the 1950s, no doubt as an attempt to correct the otherwise duff intonation. If it was such a wonderful innovation all subsequent Olds trumpets and cornets would have had them...but they didn't! Most euphoniums are sharp in the region...
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    Few Bands in London

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    Few Bands in London

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    Few Bands in London

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    Echo cornets

    I've finally polished it (horrible messy job) and had it silver plated. There are new photos of it looking magnificent at
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    Hypothetical Charging Question

    If we can widen this discussion a little, what do bands (of various standards) currently charge for doing engagements? It would be interesting to hear what the regional variations are...might prevent bands from being ripped-off too!
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    Tuning machine or not?

    I did a West End show where one of the horn players was a tuner obsessive. He had worked out a system of fingering on his 5 valved instrument that made every note totally perfect according to the tuner. He was so righteous about his tuning that he wouldn't accommodate anyone else's tuning, and...
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    Echo cornets

    I'm flushed with success at having just put together an echo cornet (details of this epic task are at ). My question is, now that I've played Alpine Echoes through more times than I can count, what other little gems have been writtten for...
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    Band newsreel clips

    I have found some fascinating film clips of bands at . They are free to download (you have to register first). They are all taken from the old Pathe cinema newsreels and documentaries. The best one is of Munn & Felton's back in the's just like one of those Harry...
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    Slow Movements

    Elegy from A Downland Suite 2nd movt. from Pagentry (did he perhaps nick some ideas from Sibelius 5?).
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    Locke Brass Consort

    The Locke Brass Consort is still alive and well, but the days of the big large group, Queen Elisabeth Hall concerts and recordings seem to be over...funding isn't as easy as it used to be! Les Lake still takes bookings for the group. I played with them in Farnham just before Christmas. It was a...
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    Conductor/MD Performing

    I can think of a few conductors (outside of brass bands) who should be MADE to play something in front of the musicians they direct. I expect it would be rather revealing. Ray Farr played some jazzy solo trumpet stuff when I was with Newham many years ago. None of us could have got near the...
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    Ofsted report

    Well, preparing a test-piece springs to mind...but perhaps that doesn't count as the real world. :lol:
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    Best Ever (Or Favourite) Last Note

    Sorry! Try