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    2004 Open Results

    i heard 13 of the 19 bands and thought the overall standard of some of the big boys was dissapointing with numeous errors and splits hence possibly their positions. i thought dyke were the best but had fodens second and thought their performance was excellent and very musical. the majority of...
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    Urgent casting call for TV advert - London 10/9/04

    pity they cant do something positive for the movement rather than taking the p**s all the time, its due to things like this that we get stigmatised. its also a pity that the only time banding gets any national publicity is negative publicity. why couldnt they do something on the national...
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    British Open - Are You Going/your Prediction?

    1 ybs 2 cory 3 fodens 4 dyke 5 grimey 6 faireys
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    British Bandsman not arrived!

    nope not had mine yet!
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    Great Northern Brass Festival Gala Concert

    thought the concert last night was fab! fodens good playing, good varied programme grimethorpe good playing, didnt enjoy the programme dyke playing not upto usual high standards but soloist good
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    How long have you been with with the same band

    been with my band 5 years upto now and played with my previous band for 5 years
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    The "Open" - test pieces?

    to be honest im not sure if bands would like their choice of pieces being displayed on this forum and whos knows if any of the adjudicators for the open will be monitoring this thread. i know a lot of the bands are trying to keep their choice of piece a secret for this reason alone
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    My Selection for the English National Band

    i will have a go (its a hard one as theres too many good players!) sop peter roberts principal cornet roger webster solo cornet mark wilkinson richard marshall stuart linguard...
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    Cant remember the name of this piece...

    thats correct, also arranged as a bass trombone solo :lol:
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    Who are the cornet players with the nicest sound????

    my vote goes to mark wilkinson, fantastic player and sound (4bars rest thought the same after the masters) Mark Wilkinson was the pick of the Principal Cornets on the day with a superbly restrained Largo solo at the correct piano dynamic which led to some of the quietest playing of the day...
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    Coventry Variations

    fantastic peice giving everyone something to do (especially cornet and sop)