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    Bach 42 Tenor trom (straight)

    First to say 42's have never really been that popular here in the UK, hence why Bach don't even try to sell here now Value depends on age and condition is it a gold bell or yellow, have seen them sell anywhere from £400 to 695 maybe a bit more depends how fast you want to sel it
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    WTB Bach Mt Vernon 6 1/2 AL or 6 1/2 A small shank trombone mouthpiece

    If anyone has a Mt Vernon 2G it really is name your price as they are the holy grail to many bass bone players
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    WTB Bach Mt Vernon 6 1/2 AL or 6 1/2 A small shank trombone mouthpiece

    2nd tenor, Bach mouthpieces have changed over time NY are the original larger sizes are very rare, mt vernon are different cup and rim shapes and seen by many as the Bach mouthpiece especially the 11c and rarer 6 1/2 which go for big money Then came the first Corp they again differ in design of...
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    WTB. Wick 6BL

    Looking for a wick 6bL Either classic or heritage
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    WTB. Wick 7cs

    Looking for a Wick 7cs, older version preferred but as long as in good condition
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    Brass Banding In West Yorkshire

    IMHO as your new to the area, go play with every band you can, that way people get to know you and your playing abilities, also you may then get invites to play with other ensembles beyond brass banding.
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    Mouthpiece size

    As Patrick taught at Kneller hall 24aw Denis is best known now for his mouthpieces etc, many don’t know he was principal trombone of the LSO, and taught so many of the orchestral players working now
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    Mouthpiece size

    Let’s say that most if not all Patrick’s students would have played a 24 aw as for the 18 well that used to be popular with BBb players, certainly in the forces bands If the Wick 3 works for you then use it, they were developed with Stephen Wick Denis’s son who was a fine pro player before...
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    Mouthpiece size

    I studied with Patrick Harrild so I use a 24aw
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    Tuba Mouthpieces for an EEb Willson?

    Try everything and use what works for you! That said I studied tuba with Patrick Harrild so I use a 24AW
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    Urgent Advice on how to improve range and clarity on highnotes

    Talk to your teacher, if you don’t have one then get one!
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    HELP!!! I need a new mouthpiece

    Talk to your teacher! No one on here can really advise as we have not seen or heard you play!
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    Want to Buy:Marcinkiewicz George Roberts Bass Trombone Mouthpiece

    Steve If your on FB. Look up the trombone mouthpiece trading post. Group there is a guy in there selling one!