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    Fancy a Principal Cornet role?

    Do you fancy a Principal Cornet role? Oughtibridge Band (Sheffield) are accepting applications for a principal cornet to help build upon our recent impressive contest results. Backed by a hardworking committee, the band have a great atmosphere in rehearsals & are looking forward to a good...
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    Ireland Colliery Chesterfield band 5th Battle of the bands contest 2011

    Oughtibridge played... Born Free (John Barry) Over The Rainbow (Arr. Goff Richards - Soloist, Sarah Dickinson) Swanee River (Arr. Alan Beaumont) Repton - Dear Lord & Father of Mankind (Arr. Gavin Somerset) And All That Jazz (Arr. Frank Bernearts)
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    *NEW* Something Special - War Time Medley

    Thanks Will, always nice to receive praise from fellow composers and arrangers. And for anyone that has spotted the deliberate mistake in that write-up, I believe Pennine have contacted the admin team about getting that changed (as I’m sure the Battle Of Britain was more than 40 years ago :-? )
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    *SHEFFIELD* - Cancer Charity Concert

    CONCERT TO CELEBRATE THE WORK OF WESTON PARK CANCER CHARITY AND CAVENDISH CANCER CARE. A concert to celebrate the wonderful work of Weston Park Cancer Charity and Cavendish Cancer Care will take place at Sheffield City Hall on Saturday April 3rd at 8pm. Appearing in concert, and creating...
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    Just adapt an extract from "Macarthur Park" - no one will know the difference ;-)
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    Deepcar Band are seeking: Cornet/Horn/Baritone/Bass - Yorkshire 4th section

    Deepcar, Sheffield - Cornets! Deepcar Brass Band are on the lookout for some cornet players (old or new ;-)). We are a fun loving, friendly band currently looking for... A front Row Cornet, Back Row Cornets & Bb Bass Aside from the vacant positions above, we have a full strong healthy...
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    Stocksbridge Band Club 2009

    Here is Deepcar's program as requested from Sunday night... Death or Glory (Hall) H.M.S Pinafore (Gilbert & Sullivan, Arr. G Somerset) Rondo from the Horn Concerto No.4 (Mozart - horn solo - Geriant Hale) Someone to Watch Over Me (Gershwin, Arr. A Fernie) Choral & Rock-Out (Ted Huggins)...
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    Deepcar Band are seeking: Cornet/Horn/Baritone/Bass - Yorkshire 4th section

    Thanks for that :-) the band are really excited and in very high spirits. The atmosphere is really good (which makes the band a pleasure to conduct). Just need to fill a couple of empty chairs for a full band!
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    Deepcar Band are seeking: Cornet/Horn/Baritone/Bass - Yorkshire 4th section

    Edit: for current vacancies & contact details, please see most recent posts Deepcar Brass Band are a new 4th section contesting band based to the north of Sheffield. The band was established in 1988 and now, in its 20th year, is entering into the world of contesting for the first time. With...
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    Are there any decent christmas pieces???

    The Gaudette arrangement by Rodney Newton which was dedicated to Faireys (on yellow paper!) is published by Wright & Round
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    Swinton Players

    Hi Lizzie, Can i just say a "well done" to everyone thats put to and helped to organise this event. Being a CF sufferer myself, its nice to hear about this sort of thing going on. Thanks, and hope the concert goes well!
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    Contest and Concert and Road Marches?!

    Aidan mate I did mention they were a YOUNG band didnt I? ;-) I can just see them now trying to play it, and of course march down the road at 160bpm :-D
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    Contest and Concert and Road Marches?!

    Thanks for all the quick replies, Just one question still, the following comment Does that qualify ANY published march as acceptable for the contest part of the march?
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    Contest and Concert and Road Marches?!

    Hi, With the Whit Marches coming up, I conduct a young(ish) village band and we always do the Whit Marches every year. Every year we also play the same march and so I feel its time for a change. Something i'm not clear on though, is which marches qualify as "Contest" marches to be played in...