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    EAST COAST BRASS - Norfolk require Solo Euph, Eb Bass and Flugel

    Hi there where are you based what are you rehearsal nights?
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    New band in E Anglia needed

    Yeah could go for a listen
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    New band in E Anglia needed

    Thanks for the offer David but it's 93 miles from house which on our roads is 2 hours drive sadly.
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    New band in E Anglia needed

    Possibly give me some details and i'll look at the logistics
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    Tuba player in Norfolk

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    New band in E Anglia needed

    So my work commitment has changed so whilst I still rehearse on a Tuesday with the SA I'm free for other days.
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    Bass Trombone Solos

    Andrew Mackerith - Swing Low
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    Sold/Expired WTB - Giddings & Webster Bayamo Tuba Mouthpiece

    These look great but flipping expensive new.
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    Tenor Horn Players

    Owen Farr, David Winch ( of course ), Trevor Winch
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    Baritone switching to Bass for new band?

    In order to play any type of note you need to practice them, so if you want to be able to play the lowest note possible on a EEb or BBb you're not going to do it by going no lower than a C, the same applies to doing 4, 8, or 12 bar phrases these are achieved by doing long notes, hymm tune...
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    Band website reviews

    SA websites are generally quite poor ours needs a tweek but would be interested in other peoples view points.
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    Sold/Expired For Sale : VB24AW Tuba Mouthpiece

    Quick sale needed £40 inc P&P. The mouthpiece is in great condition has been washed after every use, no tarnish or chips in it, I would say as new condition.
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    Sold/Expired Les Neish Tuba Mouthpiece (Alliance) Wanted

    2 options 1, Go direct to Alliance and get one 2, Go direct to ( Les' site ) and get one