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    What's your band doing about Child Performance Licencing

    The North West (Blackpool) and Yorkshire Regional Committees have put BOPAs in place too
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    Butlins 2018

    Dronfield Genquip Band there in 3rd section
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    Butlins Contest 2017

    Butlins reveals Contest Music set-works
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    Butlins Contest 2017

    Have test pieces for 2018 been announced yet? Normally there's information immediately after the contest - own choice all sections for 2018?
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    2017 Regional Test Piece Rumours

    Sure it wasnt the "score" only which is priced at £25 on Just Music
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    Midlands Area Section Sizes

    I suppose there is a way of keeping it to 2 bands up or down regardless of a tie on the 3 year aggregate. If two bands are tied on points then only the most recent result would be considered.
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    Midlands Area Section Sizes

    Didn't they promote some additional 4th section bands previously to adjust the number about 3 or 4 years back?
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    Percussionists at Contests

    The rules state "A brass player may only play ONE brass instrument, unless required by the score" - doesn't say a Brass player can't also hit a percussion part. Or are the rules different in Scotland?
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    Band subs

    Presume you are the same person asking the identical question (with numerous replies) on 4barsrest FB page? What are yours then that you've been told are too high?
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    Rainford Hymn and March Contest

    Unfortunately it seems to have been cancelled now as reported on 4barsrest
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    Milton Keynes Own Choice Contest - 30 November 2014

    Yes certainly was a very relaxed contest. Positives - 30 mins in a separate building rehearsal room. short walk to theatre, arrived as band before us was playing - 15 mins wait backstage and on. Nice cafe and food facilities in leisure centre decent parking Short and concise comments from...
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    Leicester Contest 2014 - Timing Issues. . .

    I believe concerns have been expressed by a number of bands direct to the organisers - can we not also comment here?
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    Leicester Contest 2014 - Timing Issues. . .

    It's a pre-draw so bands already know the 'planned' start times but it seems your memory of the event doesn't correlate with your recall.
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    Leicester Contest 2014 - Timing Issues. . .

    That's a little unfair, based on the published times I'm sure bands drawn later have no problem going, it's the potential that the timings LBBA have given seem optimistic. Concerns have been expressed to them and they obviously believe the timings are achievable with the contest finishing by...
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    Leicester Contest 2014 - Timing Issues. . .

    Has this reverted back to the original set up? "Commences: 8:45am (Unregistered) and 9am (First Section)" With Unregistered, 4th, 3rd and 2nd in one hall - 1st and Championship on other spilt now 44 and 31 between each hall - wasn't this where we were when it was first raised as a concern?