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    Wotz your favourite test piece.

    The devil and the deep blue sea!
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    Mouthpiece to fit a B & H Imperial EEb

    Perantucci mouthpieces are available in small shanks.
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    Euph slow melodies

    A Time for Peace (Graham)
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    Your three favourite brass band CD's

    1. Eric Ball Festival Music - Black Dyke 2. Paganini Variations - Grimethorpe 3. The Heaton Collection - Black Dyke & ISB
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    Eb Bass Solos

    Rhapsody (Curnow) Sonate in F (Marcello) Capuzzi Twilight Serenade (Schoonebeek) Gabriel's Oboe Vocalise (Rachmaninoff)
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    Eb Bass Solos

    Rondo from Capuzzi's concerto for Double Bass (arr. Blair)
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    Favourite Flugel Horn Solo's?

    I Like Over the Rainbow
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    Dream CD Playlist

    Testpiece CD: 1. The devil and the deep blue sea 2. Diadem of Gold 3. Chivalry 4. Excalibur (Van der Roost)
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    Bass solo

    Andante & Rondo (Capuzzi)
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    Any suggestions for BBb Bass slow melody contest pieces

    The Salamander - Forrest Buchtel
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    If you were picking the 2006 area pieces what would you pick?

    Championship: Apocalypse First: High Peak / Whitsun Wakes / Trittico / Excalibur Second: Symphonic Suite / Resurgam Third: Triptych / Music for a festival Fourth: Call of the Righteous
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    B flat bass solos

    Style studies and musical souvenirs by Patrick Sheridan for BBb Bass.
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    3rd/4th Section Concert Programmes

    programme 1 Hine e Hine (Graham) Punchinello (Rimmer) Celebration (Goff Richards) Silver Treads among the gold (sop solo) Cry of the Celts (Graham) Maryton The golden lady (Richards) I Dreamed a dream Ruby Tuesday (Catherall) Peter Gunn Theme programme 2 Music for the royal...
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    CD collection

    Legend (Peter Roberts) Voice of the Tenor Horn / Euphonium Rimmer (Fodens) Brass Band Classics 1 / 2 / 3 (BAYV)
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    Who should make the following decisions in a band?

    1. what music gets played? C 2. what concerts and competitions a band does? A C 3. if a rehearsal should be cancelled? C 4. who plays in what chair? C 5. if a player should be sacked? C B 6. what time the bus leaves for a contest? B 7. who gets to do a solo in a concert/competition? C 8...