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    Eb / Bb bass player

    Thanks to everyone who got in touch. The really does work. I've got myself sorted with a band, so smiles all round. Thanks again
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    Eb / Bb bass player

    Thanks. I've had a few offers and am just getting a feel for the bands involved. TL
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    Grand Shield

    1 - Leyland 2 - Travelsphere 3 - Sellers 4 - Hepworth 5 - Rothwell Temps 6 - JAG Mount Charles with Stocksbridge Newstead Lindley Glossop dropping out to the Senior Cup.
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    Eb / Bb bass player

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    Predictions for the Senior Cup and Trophy.

    Senior Cup Ransome Wingates BT Pennine WP Sovereign Thoresby Senior Trophy Horden Dobcross SWT Woodfalls Staffordshire Pemberton Knottingley
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    Eb / Bb bass player

    So, tubalatte, you're making a return to playing? Yes, that's right. I've not played for a few months and I'm looking to get back into it What have you been doing? Not a lot really. I heard bands play at a couple of the Areas this year and realised that I missed playing What...