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    Save Manger FHS

    The Manger Folk High School is a cornerstone in the Norwegian band movement, and one of the reasons Norwegian brass bands are doing so well. This doesn't seem to concern the local authorities, as they wish to cut all funding to the school, wich amounts to 2 300 000 NOK, or £190 000. Not a lot of...
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    Norwegian National Championships

    Well, the Norwegian Nationals are over... The results: ----------------------------------------------------------------- 'Elite' Section: 1. Stavanger Brass Band 98 pts. on test piece, 99 pts (!) on own choice, average 98,5 pts. 2. Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag - 96 98 - 97...
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    What band do you play for?

    I play Eb Bass for Tomra Brass Band (We're from Western Norway)... Anyone here that heard/saw our concert at the Masters? :D
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    soverign valves......

    My band has two 20 years old Sovereign EEb basses(I play one of them). The valves are working as great as ever, I never have any problems with them. A good advice is to take really good care of the valves the first month or so you are using a brand new instrument. Oil them every time you pick...
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    Fantastic Solo's & Pieces

    Peace, John Golland (Euphonium) Impromptu, Darrol Barry (Tuba) Dance Sequence, ??? (Trombone) Brilliante, Peter Graham (Euph duet) Czardas, Vittori Monti (Tuba, Euph, Trombone, etc.) ...and so many more!
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    What are the worst pieces you played???

    Blue Rondo Alla Turk. Jeez. And an arrangement of Edward Grieg's "Holberg Suite". That's one way to ruin perfectly good music. But I have heard worse...some arrangements of popular music, for instance.
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    So... What is the best mouthpiece for Eb tuba? I am thinking of buying a Bach 24...(I currently play on a Besson Sovereign, and I have used a Conn Helleberg mouthpiece for the last few years) Come on guys, share your opinions.