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    Shumacher or Alonso?

    Hey???? He not doing so bad! at least He's won a race this year, and his recent drives have blown Barrichello in to the weeds!!!! I would like Alonso to win, but unfortunatly I think Schumacher will.
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    I think the attraction with fishing is the chance to get some peace and quiet! I've tried it when I was younger and I hated it!!!! Personally I like to go to the gym and play cricket!
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    Lack of Confidence

    Agreed - If I was in your position, I'd practise a bit to make sure I could do it and go for it!! Having the support of the peole in the band is vital and you will improve with this support no doubt. If you didn't have this support it would be a lot harder thing to do! Generally with...
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    Biggest Steak

    The best steak I've ever had........ has got to be In the Butcher Boy, Sun City, South Africa. Absolutly fantastic, never had one as nice and now every steak I have here seams rubbish!!!! Sorry it's a long way to go, but I'd really recommed it if any one gets the chance!!!
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    Bass Trom\2nd Tromplayer looking for band

    Decided you've not 'bigged' your self up enough mate. Exclent Bass Trombone player, has depped with Freckleton a few times Would be an asset for most bands!
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    Rehearsal room required Preston Contest

    Try Lostock Hall band & Freckleton Band, if you require numbers pm me.
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    Arctic Monkeys

    Artic Monkeys...No brainer for me.
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    Circket to play, nothing more satisfing than doing well for your team by scoring a bucket of runs or taking a blinding catch! And I will watch any sport a long as it's not atheletics!!!
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    Your Nickname then and Now

    It was a rule at freck! everyone should have a nickname....Trogs, The good Doctor, Trelly, Rad, Boss, pritty, harry p, blagger, captain ellis, scouse, shrimpster, catty etc!!!! I could go's the most nick named band in the world.
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    Your Nickname then and Now

    Ha, who was that!!!!
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    Dyke and Roger Webster

    Isn't there more a chance that they'll move someone from "down" the section up? Maybe Arfon? He's young and improving...isn't he?
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    BBC Sports Personality of the Year

    Nah.....Fred is ya man. At times all Vaughan had to do was chuck him the ball and Fred would bowl another top spell! I'm not underestimating Vaughan's great captaincy but Fred was the most influential player and ultimately the one who was the difference between England and Australia.
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    Richard Burns - Former WRC Champion - Looses fight for life

    Big loss to British motor sport as he achieved so much with so much dignity, I saw him win the wrc title in Wales. Such a shame to happen to someone so young!
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    'Official' Scottish Open Thread

    As always the Scottish contest organisation was fantastic and the hall was great place to play. The only downer was there was no snow! So the first SCOTTISH OPEN SNOWMAN BUILDING CONTEST never really had a chance! Was also good to see alot of freinds from other bands (Hannahunnybun...
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    'Official' Scottish Open Thread

    Then again it will be cold, and there will be alot of bars that need testing out..............So I'll see on the bus after you've won the SCOTTISH OPEN SNOWMAN BUILDING CONTEST - (do you think Richard Evans would adjudicate?!)