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    Alan Morrison

    Chris, put me on your list to receive mixcloud links (whatever that may be). Thanks.
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    Alan Morrison

    Hi Chris, you`ve just given me a reason to rest from shovelling new soil onto the front garden. Thanks :) I will surely take a look at your new site when my `puter is up and running properly again. Altho` I can use and hear Sibelius software, I`ve got no sound for mp3s, BBC or your audio...
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    Alan Morrison

    I tried to post this on Chris Helme`s Sunday Bandstand news re Alan Morrison, but I`m not on Facebook. I wish Alan a happy, healthy and on-going retirement, but suspect he will keep busy with adjudicating and the odd `out of the public eye` secret performance, here and there . . . . . . I...
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    Not new!

    But I`ve just received msg from your top execs pleading for me to take a look . . . . . . He/She has forgotten what instrument I play!!! I detected a slight disinterest all those eons ago. :) But I`m a small time composer & arranger, and initially taking a look at your `Music I like the...
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    Sold/Expired Same old BB music, but this time free . . . . .

    . . . . for an unspecified period of time. So may I please invite you all to form an orderly queue, `cos I`m sure you`ll find some, or all of them a bit of fun. Hope your printer hasn`t run out of A4. I hope you enjoy them. Don`t forget SibeliusMusic is closing down soon. I`ve now transfered my...
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    Sold/Expired Brass Arrangements and Compositions

    I`m trying to contact you Russell, but all i get is: FormLoom Requires PHP Sessions to be enabled. The server this script is hosted on appears to have PHP Sessions disabled. Please make sure PHP Sessions are enabled and try again. You will need to contact your web host, not Yabdab. Thanks...
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    Sold/Expired Fanfare `Lift Up The Torch` for Brass Band

    This fanfare took second place in the Cobham Brass Ensemble competition in 2003. Originally for orchestral brass, it`s now resurrected for Brass Band to hopefully enjoy in the run up to the London 2012 Games. Listen to, and purchase at the new Score Exchange on-line publishing site at...
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    Goff Richards - RIP

    Goff Richards. I never knew Goff Richards, albeit living just a few miles away from his present home in Stockton Heath, but his loss is not only a loss for brass and male voice choirs. His many genres of compositions and arrangements in addition to his teaching skills will I`m sure, be...
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    New composition - Solo for Trombone & Band: "CloudScape"

    I`m getting one or two others like yours Barry, and can`t remember if I replied to you - I find tMP e-mail notification page a bit complicated. Anyway - my thanks to you, you`re very kind. Tony.
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    New composition - Solo for Trombone & Band: "CloudScape"

    Many thanks xRinat, Glad you like it. You may view the score at my new web address: New, because SibeliusMusic is closing it`s `self publishing` site next month. It`s `handed over` to two people who are ex-Sibelius employees. Everyone`s a bit...
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    Crazy Cornet Solo!

    Ha ha, quite magnificent! :clap: I can now play your demos, so expect more similar comments. When I say play, something happened just over half way through where it sounded as though a sort of reverb was building more and more, then it stopped playing. Thought it was supposed to be a long...
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    New composition - Solo for Trombone & Band: "CloudScape"

    CloudScape Like many more, I think I`ll have to sell my soul and GIVE it away . . . . . :( But thank you for your kind comment Mr Wilson - very much appreciated. A
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    New composition - Solo for Trombone & Band: "CloudScape"

    Thank you, sir! All I need now is a trombonist and a band and I can delete the demo - It`s one of my worst - brass is difficult. Did you notice the cymbal roll (somewhere in the middle) made the soloist`s sustained note wobble also? Sounded like circus music for a couple of secs. (Maybe I need...
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    New composition - Solo for Trombone & Band: "CloudScape"

    I`ve created a PDF of the score if anyone is interested,
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    New composition - Solo for Trombone & Band: "CloudScape"

    The link is: It has 4 min 11 sec duration. This demo has been a pain to balance, as the computerised brass mixtures of Sibelius, GPO and EWQL don`t sit comfortably together, so I hope the audio has a certain reasonability about it, to show what the...