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    Moulton77 Brass Band

    Northamptonshire band needs MD Moulton 77 Brass Band Required: Enthusiastic Musical Director for this 2nd section band based in Northampton. REhearsals are held every Monday evening, and further information about this friendly but ambitious band can be found at
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    Who works on Bank Holidays?

    Worked good friday, easter sunday, easter monday, last year did christmas eve, christmas day, boxing day, years night and new years day. Am I a mug? :? Who knows, but someones gotta do it!
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    bl**dy cats

    I live in a garden shed, Im Poor, and next doors cat jumps on the roof at 2 am everyday, without fail, waking me up. Didnt mind cats until that started!
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    How clumsy are you?

    When at school in cookery class I had to make an apple crumble, being awful at cooking I was proud of my effort as I put it in the oven. Unfortunately I'd put the crumble in a plastic dish, which exploded causing the oven to catch fire. Needless to say I was banned from cooking at school...
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    What is your name name?

    don't think i get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :oops: :oops: :oops: :cry:
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    What is your name name?

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    What key signature are you?

    Another Eb major. Its official, I am a sheep
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    Hand/ finger problems!

    Accidental, I had the op, yeah I couldn't play for 6 months but its better than the excruciating pain and sleepness nights. But do be careful, I was so close to losing my hand altogther they put me straight to the top of the NHS waiting list and I had the op the day after my first...
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    Hand/ finger problems!

    I developed carpal tunnel syndrome due to playing the trumpet too much. I nearly lost my hand and now only have limited use of the fingers on my right hand, so be careful! I would advise getting it checked out if it continues before its too late!!!
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    Which hand?

    I'm a freak!!!! :lol: I write with whichever hand the pen is in, I'm right footed and left eyed! I do domestic things like cleaning and washing up and ironing with my left hand and cut with my right. Am I the only one? :?:
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    I fear I may be setting a tMP record and I apologise to those of you who appear to be a little squemish. :lol: I have been pierced 22 times and have 3 tattoos. Let me know if anyone can beat me. By the way, I am the "band Freak!" :wink: :roll:
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    What is a typical Bandsman?

    I'm sure some people think I do my own weird ones because I am a bit mental, but I smoke Marlboro lights, because they're diet you see!
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    What is a typical Bandsman?

    Only two that dont apply to me, I smoke and I loathe marmite, other than that it seems a very accurate description :lol: Ps I definately shave my armpits :wink:
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    How did you hear about ...? please answer.

    You put a message on Moulton 77 Bands website and I've been hooked ever since. :bounce
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    Do brass females shave under their armpits ?

    Now theres a question to ask the others in the pub next week! could spark off something interesting, not that i'm suggesting anything about the other girls of course :D