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    Happy 10th birthday to tMP!

    Been about a year since I was last here, but as I was wandering around the threads it struck me that it must be about 10 years since the site started. Many congratulations to John and the team - thinking back to the various events in my life over the last 10 years - got a job, changed band, went...
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    Oughtibridge Brass Band Training Band

    I was just thinking of adding this. Hope there is someone out there who can step up to the challange, they are a great group of kids, very keen to learn and some real talent.
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    UKBBA Third Summit meeting postponed

    I don't think it is out of laziness, or fear. Probably more that the type of people who have got the drive to do something are far too busy running and playing in their own bands to devote additional time to thinking strategically, and secondly (as is repeated almost hourly on this forum) the...
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    Iwan Fox's call for immediate change today on 4br

    Thanks for the suggestion Peggy - actually it is an amazingly simple suggestion and I bet not many people do contact the various bodies to vent their feelings, so those bodies could be (to a certain extent) forgiven for not realising the depth of feeling in the banding world for development and...
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    Oughtibridge Brass Band - Vacancies

    Oughtibridge currently have vacancies for Bass players (Eb and Bb). Please pm me, or e-mail or visit the band's website.
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    Registration and Adjudication - The two big issues of the movement.

    Very true, think the adjudicators said much the same at last year's Yorkshire 4th Section Area where Dinnington (including a number of legitimately registered but none the less very experienced and of fantastic quality) only managed 2nd. But the question on registration is what constitutes a...
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    Registration and Adjudication - The two big issues of the movement.

    I don't think it is black and white on either issue. I think the best solution would be to trial Steven Mead's adjudication system, to try and adapt it/improve it to see how it can fit into the banding world. It may even prove that it doesn't work, or that bands don't like to see it done that...
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    Renegade Brass Band - Radio Rebelde EP

    For any of you who like the likes of Youngblood and the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, I wholly recommend parting with five of your hard earned pounds to purchase the debut EP from this Sheffield based outfit. I've only listened to it twice but am already hooked. It definitely has the British...
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    Criteria Judging More details on the findings of the adjudication seminar last week. Interesting to note Stephen's comments regarding the views and opinions of the ABBA members present. Can they not see that there is at least an advantage to considering other...
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    2011 City of Sheffield Band Club - Concert Dates and Bands

    Great to see some new faces this year, but also interesting to see the bands who are not on the list - Stannington in particular, but also Rockingham, Barnsley BS, Strata, Emley and Old Silkstone to name a few. Was it a shortage of dates or lack of interest on their part, and if the latter, I...
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    Whit Marches - just a thought

    A noble idea, but I think it is a sad fact that for the majority of the trouble makers it is too late. They attend the event with the simple aim of drinking as much as possible and trying as hard as possible to be the centre of attention - rather than the bands. It is an unfortunate snapshot of...
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    2011 City of Sheffield Band Club - Dates now available

    Ed, Any news on the line up for this year's band club?
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    The mud-slinging continues...! [ABBA discussion]

    I perhaps stand corrected.... It'll be interesting to see the reports from this and where it will go. Hopefully Stan et al are reading this thread with interest.
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    The mud-slinging continues...! [ABBA discussion]

    I've finally managed to get on to 4br to actually read the offending article. My conclusion is that neither PA or CBB (what is the C for?) have been particularly proactive in their approach and both could have sounded less personal, and hence could've helped build some momentum on actually...
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    The mud-slinging continues...! [ABBA discussion]

    Ok. We can have a "Contesting Brass Band England" to satisfy those in Scotland / Wales etc. and those in non-contesting bands. But my point, and also that of a number of others, that at the moment there are numerous organisations, who all have their own agendas. There is no reason why "BBUK"...