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    Stuart Pullin

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery! Leukemia is an awful thing really hope the recovery is quick!
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    Your favourite self penned moment

    Id like to nominate HBB to post his wind trio. Some truly inspired music there!
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    Cornet solos

    HBB has just completed a new solo called "The Big Apple" its really good. PM him and he may be able to get you a copy.
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    Well Done All Radio 2 Semi-Finalists !

    You can't say that Ben!!!
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    Guest Composers

    Excellent choice, Turnage is probably my favourite composer! I reckon momentum would work well. Coincidentally thats the track im listening too! Also Steve Martland and Louis Andriessen would be interesting. I would have loved to have heard Stravinsky and Shostacovich write for band.
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    OCR AS music exam

    For A level exams you're generally allowed to play doubling insturments. I.e. and oboist could play a cor anglais or a flautist a piccolo etc. However baritone may not be considered a doubling instrument to euphonium so be careful with that!
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    Nominations : Web Site of the Month : January 2006

    And i'll nominate Ben Tubb's website
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    Dyke and Roger Webster

    it reads "Dramatic end to 150th year as Webster leaves Dyke"
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    nybbgb auditions 12th nov 2005

    I found out i was on the waiting list in january... found out i was in the band a week before the course!!!
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    CD Recordings

    As a music technology student the most interesting point as far as recordings are concerned is the aesthetic produced. Steve Mead points out the in some recordings you "feel" like you're in the middle of the concet hall some fromt eh conductors perspective and others from the 3rd cornet seat...
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    Bringing brass bands to the (classical-minded) masses. Or not, as the case may be....

    I would disagree with this... Many people going to orchestral concerts go to see the repertoire performed... Instead of people going to see the band as they would with great brass bands they are more fans of the ocmposers! I would not normally go as far as manchester for a concert but I am...
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    Hey Losers, These Tips Will Make You A Better Person...

    No! I think it was a box of my dad's book!
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    Hey Losers, These Tips Will Make You A Better Person...

    How freaky is this just as I was reading it a DHL van turns up with a parcel!!!! And they were even delivering to the right house!!!!
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    David Thornton/Murton Colliery Band

    Czardas Nessum Dorma Grandfathers Clock Introduction, theme and variations - Sarasate Makushla Auld Land Syne