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    Paddy's European Championships - 2012

    Oh Paddy, wish I'd placed A BET early on could have payed for my weekend in Rotterdam!!
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    The Cory Band best performance with Dr Robert Childs at the helm.

    Sad as it may sound, But we have been privileged to be at all the performances listed.
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    The Cory Band best performance with Dr Robert Childs at the helm.

    Spiriti- Awesome performance at the Europeans pity the three in the box didn't see it that way. Well done to Dyke well deserved win, but manger 7th and cory5th !!. The curtains must have muffled the sound? Somewhat bemused by the result. Subjectivity at its best, always rely on a Brass Band...
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    Ebbw Vale contest 7th May... I am popping along...

    Well done Abergavenny Borough Band and Craig Roberts. Very very well deserved win yesterday. The audience (most of us) had you down as clear winners. Looking forward to seeing you back up with the runners and riders after a quiet few months.
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    NYBB Wales course 2010

    Can anyone please tell me the correct dates of this years National Youth Brass Band of Wales course and the venues and dates of the concerts. They have changed so many times since originally announed. I thought !!! I had got it sussed , them we recieved a programme from WAMF and the dates are...
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    Weston-super-Mare Own Choice Contest 2009

    Well done Abergavenny Borough What a great weekend you have had. Really good to see you back on the banding map!! Congratulations to Gareth Ritter!! Looking forward to your concert with Chris Needs On June 13th The results are slow again tonight, was anyone there at the end???
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    Ebbw Vale

    Just Heard a Abergavenny had third in 1st section, with horn player taking the solo prize. Why are the results so slow coming through tonight?
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    2009 Grand Shield - Competing Bands

    Grand shield vergins!! Never been before, can anyone offer any advice as a spectator, where to stay or perhaps more importantly where not to stay! when to get there, times the differnt sections-are supposed- to start. You get my drift Thanks
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    Gwent Youth Band Festival 2009

    Thanks for that info' very glad to hear it. The Argus tends to be regional so will try and get those back dated copies. Before anyone comments on the Lambrini swilling - they could be seen outside the Spar opposite the college at the end of the night!
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    Gwent Youth Band Festival 2009

    Congratulations to Abergavenny Youth Band, avery entertaining programme. Who were your two singers, being able to play as well I think a future onsatge is set for both! I think all bands should be congratulated, why don't we see more about their achievments in the press? I am sure if just...
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    Brass in Concert 08 -Gateshead

    Thanks for the info' everyone. Anyone confirm some times for start of contest? ( won't bother to ask finnish time - this is brass banding) Just as a point of interest, Gala concert in B/Ham is always on the Sunday afternoon(usually sold out or 90% full) - contest Sat' - Those of us who have...
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    Brass in Concert 08 -Gateshead

    I agree ! - Travelling from South Wales we need to make sure we get back for work Monday morning, so if the contest is on the Sunday, looks as if we may have to give it a miss this year. Any organisers reading, please note!!
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    Brass in Concert 08 -Gateshead

    Can anyone confirm the correct date and times of the Brass in concert contest??? The Bandsman and The concert web site state the concert in on 15th Nov and contest is 16th. However, I have ben told by several people that this wrong. The contest in on the Sat and concert on Sun Anyone in...
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    European championships 2008

    Just got back from Stavanger. Do they know how to celebrate brass music over there!!! Wherever you went all the bars restaurants, shops, every one knew what was going on and why there were so many brass musicians in the city. We were amazed at the average age of the audience, all below...
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    Europeans -- Tickets

    Anyone tried to buy tickets for the Europeans? Have been told already sold out for the Friday!! is this correct Not sure about Saturday, understand the auditorium only holds 1100