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    tMP Band to play at Pontins 2005 - Sign-Up

    Hi, first chance ive had to post in a while. Got major 'puter probs at the mo. I'm pulling out of the tmp band, will still be at Pontins but playing cuts down on the amount of drinking time! Say hello if you see me, i'm rubbish at recognising people!! See ya, and hope it goes well...
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    Sunday Remembrance services

    Jeez it was cold this morning! Oh well, this may well have been the last Remembrance Parade I did with my current band so won't complain! But is it me or does the 2 minutes silence get longer each year?
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    Pontins Drinking Question No 2

    After reading about what a gorgeous holiday venue Pontins is, I've decided to go along on Saturday/Sunday. Thing is, I havent got a roof (have the chalet's??!) to sleep under on Saturday night/Sunday morning. So to save the pleading/begging/bribing on the day does anyone know up front if...
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    National Championships of Great Britain 2004 Results

    Well done to Dyke and YBS and the other bands that did well, looks like Faireys and Scottish Co-op had a bad day. Oh well, another failed attempt at the prediction competition, is anyone doing one for Pontins??
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    Should I go back to uni?

    Heres an update: I've sorted work, and done a load of websurfing to see what places I want to go to and have narrowed it down to the following: Huddersfield Uni Leeds Uni Salford Uni RNCM RWCMD My two faves being Salford and RNCM (must be something about Manchestoh and horns going...
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    Should I go back to uni?

    Wow, thanks for all your posts so far guys. I'm 99.9% wanting to go for it, the only main issue to sort out is money (whether to cut back to part time at work or try and get LEA funding but not sure whether I can apply as I'm over 21??). The level of top tuition that comes with a uni...
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    Should I go back to uni?

    OK, serious post for once.. For quite a few months now I've been toying with the idea of going back to uni and doing a music/performance/banding course or something. Either part-time or taking a break from work for a year or so. I'm 23 now, and although I'd be a mature student that...
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    Who's up for Coleford Contest in November?

    Hi Toppy, Me and your friends at Tewkesbury Band will be there as ever ready to do battle! :) It'll be the last time our bands will compete against each other for while, due to us being sucked into the huge vortex that is the WoE 4th section (getting on for 35ish bands now!)after the...
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    2004 Open Results

    Heard most of the bands (except the winner which is typical!!). Like Roger said I didn't hear a single perfect performance to be able to say "That's the one" so any of the top 8 or so were in contention really. But the adjudicators explained their selection based on "The band that set out...
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    Wychavon 2004

    I'll be there in the evening and up for some post-contest drinks if I can tag along Gary :) Not playing myself, got a band workshop with Steve Sykes that day! Good luck to all playing (especially Langley and Stourport!).
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    Sold/Expired B&H Sovereign Tenor Horn (Round Stamp)

    Let me know how much you want for it and I might buy it. :)
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    British Open - Are You Going/your Prediction?

    I'll be going to both contest and concert, not seen stavenger before so looking forward to their 'set'. Say hi if you're about, I'll be either in the bar or the trade stands, oh and might listen to some bands too! Winner: It can't be any other than YBS really :)
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    1st Section Results (Harrogate)

    Well done to Pemberton, but was amazed that Langley wasn't put higher as they didn't deserve last place. As for the results they should have just announced it in the foyer where everyone was anyway instead of the hall! Funniest thing was tho, basstrom4eva thought it was in Huddersfield...
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    tMP Dinner Dance - Information

    User Name : tewkeshorn No of people in party : just me No of under 18's : I wish Student : Nope
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    Who's going to Butlins?

    Tewkesbury will be there, first contest back down in 4th section so 'ave it! :P