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    I was the Bb bass player on Davids first CD of whistling, it seemed to go down very well. I know there have been others since. You can get them from places like Dobcross Bandclub. Simon
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    BBb Bass-Championship Section

    You can now contact me on 07870819663 Tack
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    Brass In Concert - Gateshead

    The good thing about Leighs arrangement is that it is really close to the original but still manages to involve all sections of the band being highlighted at some point. He has done many great arrangements & compositions, some of you may already have played Erin Shore for example. When i got on...
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    ####calling All Percussionists####

    How about a straight jacket in the bands colours? Just an idea :oP Si
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    I can't wait for the band version of...

    I always thought if someone could get to grips and arrange some of Pink Floyds material it would be good. Anyone fancy a go? Si
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    What are you listening to at the moment.........

    Infectious Grooves album. Theyre a funk band made up of Suicidal Tendencies singer & Trujillo, metallica's bass player. Totally different to what you'd expect from them. Si
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    Ghosties - Yes or no?

    Having met Derek Accorha i reckon he himself is not of this planet! lol Si
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    Tips for pedalling?

    If you practice my method for just coming in on a specified note you will find in time that its possible to get any note straight from picking your bass up & only a little warm up. I play most pedals in the normal way as explained by Andy, but lets say for example: pedal bottom A at pp at the...
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    Tips for pedalling?

    There actually is a method you can try, instead of playing down into your mouth piece, put ur top lip on the top rim of your mouthpiece and let your bottom lip slightly underneath ur top lip produce the note. If you practice this method you will in time be able to get lower & lower & still be...
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    England's World Cup Highlights

    The best bit for England was that Sven was finishing. How he got paid so much i'll never know.
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    English National Championship Predictions

    I totally disagree with everyone saying the fact that bands could borrow just 2 players undermines the contest! Absolute Nonsense! At the end of the day, they were the rules. End of. Do you all really think 2 players would make such a difference? Ive been contest secretary for 4-5 years & its...
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    Don Lusher

    As everyone has said, he was a gentleman & inspirational to talk to. He came to a couple of our concerts at Regents Hall the night before the Nationals & most recently was at Cambridge when we did the Gala concert for the Masters. He'd always pop around the dressing room & chat with us & say how...
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    English National Championship Predictions

    As i recall Leisa, you didnt need to spend much money! lol
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    English National Championship Predictions

    Each band got 10 complimentary tickets, which were counted at the registration, probably to make sure they werent used by supporters & friends. Si
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    English National Championship Predictions

    I dont know about other bands, but most of our band rarely go in for the results anyway. We just wait for a call or text from in the hall. But im sure more players would have if the England match wasnt on.