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    death or glory

    I've sent it. Let me know if you don't get it. You left the @ sign out of your email address. I think I inserted it in the right place :)
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    death or glory

    I think I scanned all the parts to print new copies before last years Miner's Gala. I can check for you when I get home. No doubt somebody will have sorted you out by then anyway
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    Timpani Player Required

    Help required! - TIMPANI PLAYER PLEASE Once again the Area Contest looms and we are in need of a Timpani player to join us! Felling Band have worked hard to build its ranks and are in a much stronger position today. To support this progress, we really need a Timpani player. Ideally we would...
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    new band

    Just out of interest, which village is it?
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    Felling Band

    Felling Band require a Timpani player to complete our line up when we return to the North of England Area Contest on Sunday March 17th. We will be competing in the 2nd Section playing Rise of the Phoenix. Our rehearsals are Thursday Evenings 7:30 to 9:30 and Sundays at a time to be advised at...
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    Murton Colliery Band to fold

    Very sad to hear about the sad demise of yet another northeast band. Is it not worth trying to keep going in some form? We were in a very similar situation at Felling a couple of years ago. We called a meeting to decide the future of the band. Five of us turned up. To make matters worse, we lost...
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    Tenor trombonist seeks band near Gateshead

    Hi Helen, Felling band rehearse in Gateshead High Street. We have not contested for the past couple of years but are working towards contesting again and intend entering some entertainment contests during the summer and hopefully the areas next year. We rehearse once a week on a Thursday at...
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    standard tenor horn mouthpiece?

    I thought it was the other way round. Largest cup and narrowest rim on the 1, smallest cup and widest rim on the 5. Alliance do a range of mouthpieces. I have been using an Alliance Owen Farr 3 which I find produces a much warmer sound than the Denis Wick 3 but I find it quite tiring over...
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    standard tenor horn mouthpiece?

    I would have thought the standard would more likely be a 2 or maybe a 3. Don't know many that use a 5
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    Felling Band

    It’s no secret that in the past year or so Felling Band have fallen on hard times. So much so that we find ourselves in a position where we are down to eight or nine regular players. It would be all too easy in this situation to throw in the towel and call it quits. However, those of us that are...
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    Sold/Expired Looking for a second-hand Flugel

    How about having a go on cornet David? ;)
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    Flugel player moving to Luton!

    Just keep her plied with Gin ;)
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    I don't use a pencil as I'm not allowed sharp objects. I do however have a very nice green Crayola crayon
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    NoE Areas Moved to Durham

    I would have thought an extra 20 minutes on the motorway is a small price to pay to play on a proper stage with a good acoustic
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    NoE Areas Moved to Durham

    It's a great move! It's a shame that after 25 years of playing in a sports hall, now that I'm no longer playing, they've moved it to a proper venue more suited to the purpose. No need to worry about your post-contest libation Blue Juice. You'll be spoilt for choice. The only issue I can see will...