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    Horn Player looking for a band in wales

    Hi guy's, I've just returned from the RNCM and i'm staying at home this year so i'm looking for a band in south wales at the mo. I live in the swansea valley but could possibly travel. if you need a player just for the areas you can contact me. I've played with BTM, Haydock and depped for...
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    Principal Cornet NW area

    would be nice to at least know the name of the band!!
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    sorry Guys, I'm at home now so never sure when i can get the net!!!!! I'll nominate sevenhelz to take my place. ( you played well when you came down to haydock the other day! well done!! :-) )
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    Bands nearest my University

    Your always welcome to come down to the haydock band in St Helens. We're in the championship section so it'll be a step up for you. Always good to have a challenge!! Theres always someone going from manchester so they should be able to pick you up en rounte if you study at salford. If you...
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    Saddams Pants

    Have to agree wth Sandman on this one. Not at all interested
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    Nominations : Web Site of the Month : August 2005

    Could I nominate A composer in the north of England and currently studying at the RNCM. Anyone want to second it? :-)
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    Can I spoil it again??? The Vicar Of Dibley
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    Can I have an O Please?
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    I think i'll let craig have that one!! :-) He's dying for another go!! ;-) Wow thats my 1st game of hangman completed!!!
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    According to rules of hangman you have to complete the phrase as it's planned out. so in this case no ;-) Sorry Craig :-)
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    Fancy a trip to Germany?

    It's all fine here. Just graduated so i actually have to do some work now!! I know a few tombone players up here, will mention it to them. Hope alls well!!
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    ....the euph...what?!

    sorry it's a really old thread!! I either don't bother or i just say that i play trumpet. I can't be bothered explaining what a tenor horn is cos after you've finished they still look at you stupid!!
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    For Music Students ... Past, Present & Future!

    I was considering doing biology at university. I've really enjoyed my time studying at the RNCM and now i've graduated I'm going to complete a biology degree via the open university. I hope it's going to be as much fun as music was!!!!
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    Rothwell Temperance Band - Players Needed

    number one I wasn't waiting for an advert and if you want a dig at me then we can do it online and i'll give you a bigger shovel. You're obviously small minded enough. Not my fault I gave up on your website months ago, it was yours for not keeping it updated. I wasn't prepared to look on...
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    Alternative song lyrics

    I now regret replying to this thread :-) I have often walked down tis street before but...