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    Sold/Expired Instrument Repairer Needed

    I would have thought you'd go straight to Owen Wedgwood Fran? He's superb and fast.
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    Grange Moor Brass Band, West Yorkshire, Non-contesting: Front Row, Principal, Soprano

    Yeah I've heard it from two people, although I guess having 4 adverts for players last week on 4br probably fuelled the rumour!
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    Sold/Expired Euphonium trigger

    Sorry, couldn't find the thread again to reply :-S Anyway, Owen is from West Yorkshire.
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    Sold/Expired Euphonium trigger

    I don't know the cost but do know that Owen Wedgwood will do a great job. I've got his mobile no. if you want it. Michelle
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    Landscape Architect?

    My job is basically a landscape architect, although I'm not part 4 qualified (and therefore not a Chartered LA) yet but might be able to help?
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    Powerfuel Hatfield Colliery Band

    I don't know if the band has got fixed up yet, but if anyone is thinking of having a blow with Hatfield then definitely go for it! They're a great bunch of very good players. I really enjoyed my time there and would've certainly joined if I had more time to dedicate to playing. Michelle
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    my last recital as a single man!

    ooh, congratulations, hope all goes well. You won't have time for any recital's after 5th Sept will you? ;-)
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    Hebden Bridge Brass Band - vacancies

    Does the atrocious spelling run in the family?! sorry Ric! :-)
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    Bryan Smith

    Deepest sympathies to Elsie and the family at this extremely sad time. Bryan was a great inspiration to me and many others. A very sad loss to all. William (Billy) Rushworth
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    Camborne Town Band on Radio 1?!!?

    I heard it. Scott Mills does this 'Its only ****** Friday' thing every week and usually plays a piece of classical music before it and this week it was Camborne. It sounded good. He's had a brass band on before - I think it was Bodmin??
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    Is the British brass band movement dying?

    Head in sand?? I would say that people are packing in playing at a faster rate than people are learning to play and there are too many bands for the amount of players that are about. How many people for instance can say that their band attended the area this year with only their regular...
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    Lift home

    Yes they are (were?) a big name, but can't live on that forever. They have however got some top class players there so if they dig in and work had I'm sure they'll get back to winning ways. The attitude that they are a 'big name' and part of the establishment though won't help. Anyone can have a...
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    Lift home

    Well you can still turn out on Thursday's - there's no Corrie then! Imps got relegated a few years ago and bounced straight up, I'm sure they'll do it again, there are some good players there. However, the delusional people who still think that Imps are one of the big/top bands need to get...
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    NEMBBA Contest 22nd Feb Derby

    Shall we blame Trev then as usual?! ;)
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    NEMBBA Contest 22nd Feb Derby

    I heard that one 1st section band pulled out so that just left one in the section, who decided not to go because of the lack of competition. I think one of the bands said they couldn't afford to go. Its not surprising though as this contest costs a lot to attend. Someone in our band said it...