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    Corby Silver Band, 3rd section Midlands seeks percussion players

    Corby Silver Band, based in the East Midlands actively looking to recruit percussion players as we move towards the autumn/winter concert and contest season. We are registered in the 3rd section and have entered the Leicestershire BBA contest in November and would welcome kit or tuned percussion...
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    Tenor trombone and percussion players required for 4th section final and beyond

    Corby Silver Band, who are the current Midlands area 4th section champions, but will be promoted to the 3rd section in January, have a couple of vacancies within the band. Due to increasing work and other committments one of our trombone players is stepping down from his position at the band...
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    Corby Silver Band - East Midlands, require a trombone player

    Corby Silver Band is a lively, ambitious and hardworking 4th section band who have a vacancy for tenor or bass trombone. The position is flexible as one of our current members doesn't mind where in the section he sits. This position has only arisen due to the ill health of one member who has...
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    How far do you travel to rehearsal ?

    One of our players travels 61.2 miles each way taking him an hour and 16 minutes, out of the London and southern area and into the midlands - not because we are the best championship band in the area, but because we are a local 4th section band, who are friendly and enjoy working as a musical...
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    How far do you travel to rehearsal ?

    3.2 miles each way. Play for my local town band, always have, always will :-) 21.3 miles each way for the other band I play for, but we only have 1 rehearsal a month.
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    2017 Regional Test Piece Rumours

    Totally agree. Some bands might even lose players over this. As they will be tempted to join other bands that have more challenging and interesting test pieces. It is after all a test piece, not a beginner band contest.
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    2017 Regional Test Piece Rumours

    So the 4th section bands, which often contain many higher level ability players, but who choose to stay loyal and play in their local band, get ..... music suitable for a beginner or junior band. How insulting. Makes me wonder how many players will leave their band and go and join a higher...
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    2017 Regional Test Piece Rumours

    I agree. I looked this up to see who it was published by and it is sold as music for a beginner/junior band. I would hope that 4th section bands deserve a bit more of a challenge. Something to show off the technical abilities of the principal players, whilst being supported by the rest of the...
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    Kit percussionist required for fun entertainment contest - 7th May

    Corby Silver Band, in the East Midlands, require a 3rd or 4th section registered percussionist to play for them at the Wood Farm Brewery contest, near Rugby on 7th May. We have been given a late draw and will be playing around 5 o'clock, so if you were able to help it wouldn't take up the whole...
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    Soprano cornet and Bass players required, Corby Silver Band

    Our current soprano player has expressed a wish to return back to the tenor horn section of our band, and so we are looking to find a replacement soprano player to join our friendly and successful contesting band in time for the Leicestershire BBA contest in November. We are also currently...
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    Bass Trombone & BBb or Eb bass players required

    Corby Silver Band, situated in north Northamptonshire, (East Midlands), are currently seeking a BASS TROMBONE player and an Eb or BBb BASS player to join our successful and friendly contesting band, so we have a full band in time for the Leicestershire BBA contest. Rehearsals held on Monday and...
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    Corby Silver Band, East Midlands - Vacancies

    Due to illness and job relocation Corby Silver Band are currently seeking a TENOR or BASS TROMBONE and a KIT or TUNED PERCUSSION player to join our sociable, ambitious band. An additional CORNET player would also be very welcome to further strengthen our cornet section, as we have some players...
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    Bass Trombone & Percussionist required for East Midlands Band

    Corby Silver Band, based in North Northamptonshire are looking for a Bass Trombone player and a Kit or Tuned percussionist to complete our successful contesting band. We rehearse each Monday and Wednesday at 8pm in our own band club, 10 minutes from the A14. There are no subscriptions to pay...
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    Kit Percussion player required for Contest held near Rugby

    Corby Silver Band (Northamptonshire), are requiring the services of a kit percussionist to play at the Wood Farm Brewery Entertainment Contest on Saturday 16th May at Willey near Rugby. We are a 4th section band so can borrow a player from the 3rd or 4th section, or alternatively un-registered...