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    Most descriptive way MD's ask for musical style?

    On the NYBBW course in 1999, James Watson asking the trombones to play a passage "less German, more American" so the troms played it the same way. There were a few other suggestions but the result was the same. In the end, after a few attempts, he just said " Can you play them short instead of...
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    Euphonium Available - North Wales

    Menai bridge are the closest to the Uni (less than 2 miles from Ffriddoedd site halls to the Bandroom) and rehearse on Mondays and Friday nights and lifts available (usually me as the halls are on my way to band). section 4 but very friendly and a good variety of gigs through the year (plus I'm...
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    The perfect test piece

    For me, it is Breath of Souls by PLC. Played it at the National finals in 2011. Lots of melodies and a big finish but was one of those pieces that if we played it twice in rehearsal, my lip was hanging off. Loved playing it as it was exciting and new plus lots of variation with the choice of...
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    Menai Bridge Band Porthaethwy 120th Anniversary Concert

    This year sees the band celebrating it's 120th anniversary and a celebration concert is taking place on Saturday, 1st November in Ysgol David Hughes, Menai Bridge, Anglesey. The concert will feature performances from the Beginner and Intermediate Bands, as well as our Senior Band who this...
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    Welsh League, a silly relocation?

    Quick question and nothing to do with venues (although we all know The resident tROll loves welsh contest venues!), Why is it called the welsh league when it only consists of bands affiliated to the SEWBBA and WWBBA? Surely to make it a " welsh" league, bands from all across Wales should be...
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    Band Cymru - S4C TV band contest

    The a Senior band is having a break - lost a lot of players after last year's Open due to Uni, work commitments, new job, new babies etc. but will be back, whether this will be as a championship outfit or lower down is another thing but reports of our demise are greatly exaggerated! The youth...
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    Bach Flugel mouthpiece equivalent

    If I remember correctly, the Bach has it's own one and the yamaha is a large or American taper so best thing is too see if you can get the Bach with American or large taper. A wick FL will fit the yamaha but a wick F wouldn't properly and would wiggle around. If you can't get the Bach...
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    Which section for these test pieces ?

    That was probably another errata by obrasso in three Spanish impressions. Can't believe how poor the quality control was
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    Welsh Area Contest, what a joke this year

    I think somebody will any second.......... Red October probably
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    Welsh Area Contest, what a joke this year

    How do you work this out? Approx 10 bands travel from the north to Swansea each year, approx 34 travelled from the south and were all accommodated. Didn't realise you work for the welsh tourist board! You have been, along with Iwan Fox are in a minority of 2! Other musical groups use this...
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    Welsh Area Contest, what a joke this year

    Prichard-Jones hall, Bangor university and also the William Aston Hall in Wrexham but the facilities/ hotels etc to go with both are not as good or as available as Venue Cymru. I remember being told by James Watson on NYBBW course, "the boomer a hall, the easier it is to play in - you have...
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    Welsh Area Contest, what a joke this year

    As I said in another thread on here, Beaumaris didn't attend as we felt we had an unfair advantage with the contest being only 40 mins from the Bandroom instead of the usual 5 hour drive each way which usually gives us a handicap! The reason it's been in the brangwyn for years is because the...
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    Welsh Area Contest, what a joke this year

    Take it you didn't qualify then! The facilities are far superior compared to the Brangwyn - I was able to get changed inside, could use a lift, have a warm up, park without a problem, choose which bar I was going to have a drink in and get a meal and no porn on the walls to distract me in my...
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    Welsh Areas 2014 - Venue Cymru, Llandudno

    in protest at having to travel only 40 minutes instead of 4 hours each way to Swansea!!!!
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    National Eisteddfod of Wales - Eisteddfod Genedlaethol 3rd/4th August 2013, Denbigh

    Porthaethwy Menai Bridge were the 1st band on in section 4, coming 3rd overall behind ebbw valley and Oakley bands. 1. Fanfare from Vivat Regina, William Mathias 2. Big spender- flugel soloist Charlotte Green 3. Cantilena by P Sparke 4. Vitae Lux - Aagard-Neilson 5. Berne Patrol arr Howarth...