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    Triple Tongueing

    Arban Monsieur Arban said too too koo (or something like that, I've not got mine to hand) ta ta ka, ta ka ta, da ga da.....or whatever....are quicker. Arban, as always, is better
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    Pre-and post contest feelings

    pre-draw by the way, somebody above said that hanging around and bot being given a chance to warm-up drove him potty. It used to have the same effect upon me. In Australia, thecontests are pre-drawn. No hanging about. And there is always a warm-up room that the band goes into whilst the...
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    Pre-and post contest feelings

    contests I've had a funny experience. When I was a kid i played for a struggling yorkshire top section band. I never had a nerve in my body. I took many years off, and started competing again with an Australian C Grade band (which I now conduct). My nerves have been terrible. My heart rate...
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    Advice saught by a mere colonial

    Hello Its 13 years since i fell out with Yorkshire Brass Bands, so it is rather strange that I have somehow ended up conducting a C Grade band in Australia, probably only temporarily. I don't really know what I'm doing so I wondered if I could have some advice on a couple of matters. We...