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    Iwan Fox's call for immediate change today on 4br

    Am I missing a point here? I agree that many changes could be made to the Areas, but the most important point made here seems to be that numbers are down. Unless there are a lot of bands who do not do the areas (and I don't know any) then the simple fact is that numbers are down because the...
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    Sold/Expired domain name for sale

    Hi I have the domain name which I have never used and which I am considering selling, but only for a sensible offer. If anyone is interested in this please PM me. Anyone who purchases the name will require an ISP account in which to hold it and I would ask them to pay any...
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    The ALL NEW tMP Prediction Competitions

    OK they are in. I have left Timperley in and they will be treated as a 'withdrawn' when we do the results. There are quite a few votes for this band so if you have voted for them you still have time to change your mind. Steve
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    The ALL NEW tMP Prediction Competitions

    Hi all Sorry for the glitch, the current rankings should now be correct and you should find the pages displaying points per contest etc are a lot faster now. Please let me know if you think there are any inaccuracies or anything is unduly slow and I will look into it. Cheers Steve
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    Analogue video to ?mpeg

    if you are talking about taking vids from a normal VHS player- have you looked into what you would get from putting a TV tuner card in your PC then connecting up a normal analog/scart/coax type connection? I have never tried this, so check carefully before you spend anything, but it may be the...
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    Website Designer/Developer

    Hi Nice site One small comment. All of your boxes seem to be a fixed size, but the font size can vary with different browsers so when I look at it with Firefox on Linux I see some of the text overrun the boxes. Is there a reason you wanted the boxes to be a fixed size and not just go with the...
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    Optimizing photos for the internet

    Hi This has probably gone by for too long now to be useful, but I swear by easy thumbnails from Its free and you can resize a whole batch of files in one go and change the quality for web speed improvements Steve
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    Flower Power Returns To The Web.

    Change the sig Ween - it ruins the effect :eek: :biggrin: Steve
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    The ALL NEW tMP Prediction Competitions

    sorry about that folks Normal service has been resumed :-) Please let me know if you see owt else odd. Steve
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    The ALL NEW tMP Prediction Competitions

    all done now and rankings calculated Steve
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    The ALL NEW tMP Prediction Competitions

    weston 3rd and 4th section added Steve
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    Official tMP Midlands Regional 2008 thread

    You're too modest! I think it probably says more about the difficulty of the piece TBH, but thats fair enough. It was a challenge wasn't it? Thats the first time I've had to play a Bb Bass that high on a contest stage (or possibly anywhere :-) ) Steve
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    Number of Adjudicators

    As a follow up to this.. Can anyone explain the process of adjudication with 2 adjudicators? It seems to me that they should ideally be in separate booths and their results or positions totalled/averaged to give the final result, but this does not seem to normally be the case. I wonder if...
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    The ALL NEW tMP Prediction Competitions

    OK Ladies and Gents... Normal service has been resumed - we now have results by user and annual rankings again. Sorry I had to take it down - the volume of entries and the way I was working out the results made it too slow and caused errors on the server. All results up to yesterday are in...
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    Official tMP Midlands Regional 2008 thread

    yes I suppose if you knew that in advance you could take one factor out of the gamble :biggrin: I'm glad I am not an MD Steve