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    Predictions for Butlins?

    I predict most bands will be robbed
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    What instrument do you play in your Brass Band?

    None of that brass band stuff for me anymore - do play EEb Sousaphone now and again though in formations of 2,3,4 0r very occasionally more, been mainly a 2 piece this last 12 months - though with keyboard & drums backing.
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    Just a bit of advice...

    We both know I'm just a simple person at heart Ian. If you behave yourself I'll refrain from sharing my immediate pre-solo motivation techniques when sat by your (rather attractive) side :tup
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    Just a bit of advice...

    To follow on from Bass bones last paragraph..... I would not want to talk to them, if I had to introduce myself I'd be even more nervous than playing!! But I would agree to engage the audience. I do this by just smiling and making eye contact. Look confident, if you appear nervous the audience...
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    brighouse Xmas record....only listen if your sitting down.

    It had to be Ali 'baba' that came out with those little nuggets
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    "Grimethorpe Colliery Band in danger of folding" ?

    Maybe 'Brassed off 2' could be the answer?
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    Brass Band on the streets of London

    Ratpit, watched you at Kippax band club last year (I think) and enjoyed your show. I do however think you've done yourselves no favours in putting that particular clip on tmp. I'm sure seen live I would have found it entertaining, but with very amateur filming and poor quality sound, I believe...
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    I Believe

    I would like to invite [username] to the party herewith.
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    I Believe

    I apologise for being led astray by Mike, I believe [username] is actually a lovely person and not in the least annoying :p
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    I Believe

    See what you've started now Mike :D I don't know how we are going to explain to [username] how they 'appear' to be the object of our posts, when in fact anyone who reads them is the object...........
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    I Believe

    [username] is annoying
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    Misplaced "joke"...

    I've been taking a correspondence course on impressing retired bass players with lovely thighs developed to look good in short leather trews. I don't know, I crawl out from under my stone after kicking this habit for soooo long, then I take a peep and before you know it I'm involved in one of...
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    Misplaced "joke"...

    Wow! Talk about a sweeping statement. Either you're doing too much of this :guiness or :pig other substances are involved :dunno
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    Misplaced "joke"...

    There's nothing more dangerous than a taboot - especially a politocally correct one! My lovely wife is now going to put me to bed zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz