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    Whitwell an Emotional Third at Butlins

    Whitwell Brass Band secured an emotional third place finish at the Butlins National Mineworkers Contest in Skegness over the weekend. Playing The Seasons by Philip Wilby, the band took away the £700 prize in a field of 15 Fourth Section bands from across the country. The competition was...
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    New MD for Whitwell

    Whitwell Brass Band is pleased to announce the appointment of Lynden Cooper as their new Musical Director. Lynden is a well-known local musician from a family with a 160 year connection to brass bands. He is the 5th generation of the same family to be the Musical Director of a band. Lynden...
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    Whitwell Brass Band require a Musical Director

    Whitwell Brass Band, Fourth Section Midland Champions 2009 require an enthusiastic Musical Director to lead this ambitious band into the future. We are a young and friendly Fourth Section band based in the Midlands area. The band is based a 10 minute drive from Junction 30 of the M1...
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    Midlands Regional Championships - 2010

    That's my interpretation of our remarks as well (Whitwell's). We are a loud band and one of the things that we have been really working hard on over the past 12 months is to control it. The greatest irony is that I thought that our dynamic control and contrasts this year were a lot better...
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    Bands on Twitter :)
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    Whitwell Brass Band have also joined the twittering bandwagon
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    Whitwell Brass Band Require

    Due to players leaving the area for college and university, Whitwell Brass Band (conductor David Fretwell), Fourth Section Midlands Champions require a... Kit Percussionist We are a young, friendly band who rehearse two nights a week in Whitwell, Derbyshire, a 5 minute drive from Junction...
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    Tenor Trom/Euph for Whit Friday

    Thanks for the offer James. Am now sorted with a band for Friday. I hope to see you around... I don't think it's going to be easy to miss you!! ;)
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    Tenor Trom/Euph for Whit Friday

    I'm still looking for a band to play with this Whit Friday. If you're band still needs a Trombone or Euph player, please let me know. Many thanks
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    Tenor Trom/Euph for Whit Friday

    I'm looking for a band to play with at this year's Whit Friday marches. Currently, I play 1st Trombone for Whitwell Brass Band (Midland 4th Sect Champions), but would be just as happy playing Euph. So that I can get into the spirit of the evening, I'm looking for a band that will be staying...
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    Whitwell Brass Band Victorious In Bedworth

    It causes me no embarrasment at all. It wouldn't be a contest without various conspiricy theories flying about! I have no issue in explaining what I was up to. I was sat on the front row next to the band chairman (who sits on the front row and listens to every band at every contest we take...
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    Whitwell Brass Band Victorious In Bedworth

    Whitwell Brass Band has been crowned the Midlands Fourth Section Champions for the first time in nearly 50 years. The band, conducted by Musical Director David Fretwell, beat off competition from twenty other brass bands from the Midlands. Playing the set test piece, The Talisman by Frank...
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    Whitwell Brass Band's Forty Mile Sponsored Walk in Memory of Louise Smalley

    Whitwell Brass Band are delighted to have been donated £8,500 courtesy of the 2008 Louise Smalley Walk. Eighty people, including many members of the band completed the 41 mile walk in June. The band's Principal Cornet player, David Wheatley even managed to complete 100 miles in less than 24...
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    Valve trombones

    I've no problem with a valved trombone, but I've a funny feeling that they aren't allowed used in contests. Admittedly, the rules may have been changed since last time I looked.
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    Sold/Expired Whit Friday Delph Photos 2008

    You had a fair few Contestors at around 10:30. There must have been about 4 in a row including us (Croft)!