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    What’s happening?

    Hey guys. It’s been a while. what’s happening? Seems a bit dead around here? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ does Burnsey still live here?
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    The Gob Iron

    Guys, this forum used to be buzzing. Yea some of the threads were argumentative, some were downright rude, some were interesting, some were tedious, but they all created traffic. This thread having been untouched for weeks is still on page two of the rehearsal room. 5 or 6 years ago this ould...
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    The Gob Iron

    I think that may well be correct. I'm not sure there is any moderation there other than Facebooks legal department. This thread, and ones like it, are perhaps the problem. You guys are just so unhappy!
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    The Gob Iron

    Do you have something to hide Doc? (Joke!) It's a very popular platform, but your right, if you want 1970's annonimity it's impossible there.
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    The Gob Iron

    Has anyone checked out the Facebook group "the gob iron"? I think most of the guys that used to hang around here are over there these days. It's pretty cool, check it out. 登录 Facebook | Facebook
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    Sold/Expired Besson sovereign be982

    Don't be mean Matthew. He's new. And it's a good price. X
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    Best Trombone Players

    Norman Law.
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    Innovations in Banding.

    The larger bore instruments have of course made the players jobs easier, but actually it has also changed the sound of a band massively. For the worse i feel.
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    Phillip Harper to Cory

    Well for Cory and congratualtions on a great appointment.The future is bright!
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    Tenor Horn practice / reheasral mute - with headphones... anyone know of any?

    A trombone silent brass is the best one for TH. it actually has exactly the same bell flare as a sovereign trombone as was. ;-)
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    Which trombones to roadtest?

    King 4B. fabulous instrument.
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    Brass Band websites taken too seriously?

    Is it possible that the brass band forums like this one are taken a little seriously by the movements elite? Im a member of many football forums and Sir Alex never rings the owner to complain about whats being said. Shouldn't the "Kings of Brass" and "Dynasties" of our hobby be a little less...
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    Pontin 2010 Results?

    Guys I don't think any of you understand. Webster, morrison and brighouse are all of an equally excellent standard. This is a question of sportsmanship and banding ethics. Playing renowned soloists of a standard high above your band as ringers for a contest is tantamount to an olympic athlete...
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    Pontin 2010 Results?

    Roger Webster and Alan Morrison are signed to brighouse. Numpty.
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    Pontin 2010 Results?

    It is shocking. First off if there were 4 fodens deps and a brighouse dep then that's 5 deps. Although I did only think there were 3 from fodens and 1 from brighouse. Secondly a borrowing contest is set up to make it an even playing field, to help bands who need to fill seats for whatever...