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    Band Subs

    we pay £20 per month DD, and then on top of that we pay travel (and board at butlins etc) . I'd much rather put my hand in my pocket than have loads of weekends tied up playing park gigs etc. my time is much more precious. Saying that i did have a sharp intake of breath handing over £10 for the...
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    Northern Open Entertainment Contest

    Kirkie Kelvin, congrats to the prize winners ( Coalburn n Renfrew too) it was good to see such a good turn out from bands, but can it go back to Forfar next year? huge tesco across the road where we can get our bacon rolls n cuppas? Laura Johnstone Band
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    Giving up Smoking

    well done to all the quitters, i myself smoked for a long time too and have been off for about 3 yrs, I now work for a smoking cessation project and would recommend groups (evidence shows that they are 4 x more effective than going alone). Im the worst kind of ex smoker, even the smell of a...
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    Norwegian Nationals 2008

    totally agree, (maybe not the fanfare stuff right enuff)
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    Norwegian Nationals 2008

    that looked like some sort of poll??
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    Norwegian Nationals 2008

    so whens the results then?
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    Norwegian Nationals 2008

    hhmm think the adjudicator needs a whistle, that sounds like a wee crystal bell of the mantlepiece lol
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    Norwegian Nationals 2008

    hhmmm i thought manger performance was more exciting that molde, best i've heard, ( but only tuned in at the break)
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    Norwegian Nationals 2008

    this is fantastic!! details here is brill, I only tuned in at the break.
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    Scottish Open 2007 - Perth Concert Hall

    ok, but as individuals, we dont need to agree with the rules and decisions, and in this case there are a lot of individuals who dont agree with this decision.
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    Scottish Open 2007 - Perth Concert Hall

    Funnily enough I haven't spoke to anyone in banding circles who agrees with the decision not to allow us to defend the title won last year. Good luck to all competing bands. Laura M Johnstone Band
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    Who should sack a player?

    decency, morality and brass bands :D LMAO
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    Northern Counties Contest 19 May

    we're going again, great day out last year. Laura Johnstone
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    Nominations: Award #18 - Bandsperson of the Year - tMP Service Award

    i'm gonna nominate you too Patrick, you'll always be welcome back at Johnstone. (Next time you have to have a shot of the pole too tho!!! ) Laura
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    'Official' tMP discussion thread for 2005 Finals

    heard 2 bands yesterday, Imps and Park and Dare. the 10 places between those 2 bands yesterday really suprised me, friad i would have had park and dare above Imps. thats only my opinion tho Laura