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    Official tMP L & SC Regional 2008 thread

    Did anyone listen to the 1st Section winnings band performance??
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    National Finals - 3rd Section

    Hi All, Actually JPB are not dis-banding. We have just lost 10 valueable players who have left the Island to go to University or to travel the world. This Includes both Euph's, 2 horns, Prin. Trombone, 3 front row cornets, and 2 percussionists. So that does leave us very short, but at the...
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    New Channel Islander!

    Hi. I'm Jay. I am Principle Percussionist with Jersey Premier Brass. Started playing drums at age 3, studied mostly military side drum, which was a great start for learning rudiments (I recommend this to any beginner). My First band was The Band of the Island of Jersey which are a non-contesting...