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    My Selection for the English National Band

    One of the EFBB's long term goals is to develop The English National Band. The band will consist of the finest English players available who are registered with a brass band either in England or in other jurisdictions. If you were our appointed MD - what would be your selection? Simon D...
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    The English Federation of Brass Bands (EFBB)

    EFBB I would like to thank everyone for their kind comments so far and words of encouragement. It will be my intention to utilise funds available appropriately and will hope to commission new works and hope that Board will share in that view. I hope this week to announce the full steering...
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    The English Federation of Brass Bands (EFBB)

    ANNOUNCEMENT: The English Federation of Brass Bands is here to serve its members and to build on our heritage for tomorrow's generation. We intend to host the inaugral English Championships next year for English bands with a qualifying contest. European Brass Band Association will be asked to...
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    All England Masters 2004 It has to be said - Yet another first class contest hosted by Mr Biggs and Mr Franklyn. I had a great weekend away with my band Thoresby and stayed in the Crown Plaza Hotel just around the corner with a steady stroll to the contest. With a timetable that ran like...
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    All England Masters 2004

    So, are we all in agreement with Messrs Newsome, Read and Scott :?:
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    Soprano Solos

    I played Bennett's Trumpet Voluntary at the French Open Gala concert last year. That went down well. It is on the latest CD of soprano solos from YBS. Simon Oates, Thoresby
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    Soprano BOC

    Schilke slide I think it is about time the schilke did have triggers applied. I am thinking of having mine customised. Regards to all fellow sop players - even 'ickle' ones!!