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    Blistex relief cream

    Hi, I had "a go" at Blistex on their facebook page. The replies are very interesting-especially as they deleted my first comment for being abusive and some other PC word. I cannot say better than "have a look". Bottom line, the UK licence holder went bust and as Blistex have had a complete...
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    Blistex relief cream

    Hi, G here. the subject is Blistex (previously known a Blisteez). there has not been a discussion on this since 2007. the USA co that makes it screwed up when they rebranded/marketed their various products earlietr this year and , so they say in a press release, their factory cannot make this...
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    Flugel Horn Sticking Valves

    one should never get a build up of black residue if the instrument is regularly cleaned. and time between cleaning will depend on the venues played. ie, a 5 hour beer festival will demand an immediate wash through whereas a 15 minute contest will, assuming one plays without have eaten or drunk ...
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    Brass Bands England Lifetime Achievement Award 2019

    Hi, and well deserved. I only met you through the Summer School at Oxford for a few years, but you made a lasting impression...a good one! attached are a few photos of those courses. all the best, Graeme.
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    Mute for pbone tenor Bb trombone?

    Oh those were the days, sitting in a car in the passenger seat, with it pushed back, practising Claude Gordon & Charles Collins. This was in a park in South London with regular passing pedestrian traffic! GO FOR IT. tee hee. There is also a true story (from the individuals Brother - with him...
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    How do you like your regional test piece?

    Have you heard the one about a band that deliberately left out the bass part of Napoleon, letting the timps cover the opening as a soli, and came first? Did this happen up and down the country?
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    Of Distant memories - harmon mute instruction

    new one on me. as a wild guess "flutter tongue?" or misprint for ET? what do recordings sound like? remember gregson's classical background and experimentation!
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    Slag off Napoleon

    Back to Napoleon ......It's written in the Open Key so one should expect the type of "musical grammar" explained by Herr Sparke! Good piece Mr Harper. Still prefer Under The Boardwalk!!!!
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    Flugel Mouthpiece

    I totally agree with KenIrvin. My mentor on this subject was Roger Webster. I played the DW RW3 on my Prestige, because that's what it came with. So when I went onto Flugel (1st Section) I would switch between the DW RW3FL and it. However, when I moved onto Principal cornet 2nd section I had to...
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    Carnival of Venice

    God bless Fred. I recently asked to play Fred's "El Solista", and gave my MD , who worked with Fred for many years, the score to peruse. He came back a week later and said..." as an arranger he was a bloody good cornet player!" I leave the choice of arrangement up to you :).
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    How do you like your regional test piece?

    thanks guys and gals.....yes yes and yes ...more practice of the right sort. must have worked as had special mention on flug from David Hirst on Sunday when we took Napoleon for romp at SCABA 's rescheduled spring contest. great idea to have an opportunity to try out the area piece. taaraa.
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    How do you like your regional test piece?

    This thread has definitely gotten tangled! Has anyone started a specific thread on Napoleon? It's just a repeated comment in the band room that the piece is particularly demanding on stamina for some. Yup, me on flug in particular "I" to "N". Or am I being a wimp? Buy 10pm after 2 hours on it...
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    Tuning and Intonation

    err..thought I could stay out of this , but no. Kiz7 has hit it on the head! Why is the 3rd tuni ng slide not equal to 1 1/2 tones? exactly for the reason Kiz7 says. So get the "open" note in tune (some pieces may dictate a different note be the "source" note (ask any soprano player) and adjust...
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    Tuning and Intonation

    And I thought my flu was bad enough to commit hari kari..........
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    Hetman's Oils

    ooh..oil and valves! 2nd Tenor is as close as I can recommend. Sharon McCallum (Bones & Brass), one of the best repairers/brass instrument engineers in the Country, recommends a drop or two of "red stuff" to the valves of older instruments (including my 2001 Besson Prestige Bb cornet) topped up...