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    Sold/Expired Looking for Xeno Bb Cornet

    Hi i have played an old round stamp sovereign for 25 years,tried a Xeno and a prestige not a patch on my old sovereign Honest!
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    Brass In Concert

    did anyone hear Reg Vardy just wondered what they were like after having lost their musical director a week before the contest?
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    Why We Do It!

    Yes indeed great performance by the one and only Peter Roberts.will there ever be another Sop player like him?Hope he has a great retirement.It does remind you ,as you say of the reason why we all do it, In the words of a Led Zeppelin track "Good times bad times i know I've had my share"...
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    Brass In Concert

    Well Bu%$£& me i thought my secret was safe with you Holmes.Hell was it that obvious i hoped the smiler bit would act as a deterrent.obviously seen through my disguise,Good luck any way.
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    Brass In Concert

    Yes indeed good luck to Steve and all my old mates at Reg Vardy ,Things can only get better ,at least you have dropped the lead weight that was around your necks.You will know what i mean.
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    Absolutely furious!

    Hi i agree with everything you said apart from the families north of the Watford gap,i take it there's no crime down south then?When is this or any government going to start taking action on crime.There are currently i believe around 400+ groups that exist for the wellfare of scum and about one...
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    Worst winning performance?

    poor results from good performances I currently play solo cornet for Ever Ready and have done for 21 years , in that time 3 performances come to mind when we were way in front of anyone else but didn't get the result.Images in the area contest 83 i think, we were the only band that were...
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    soverign valves......

    sovereign valves I play on an old sovereign cornet that i bought in 1983, it has had some hammer in that time , and the cornet looks old, however the valves are absoloutely spot on, i have tried a new sovereign cornet and the valves are so sluggish its virtually unplayable in a championship...
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    british Open Test Piece

    does anyone out there have any inkling as to what the open test piece might be, there are loads of rumours going around anyone got anything a bit more positive.bye :D :D