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    WHat has happened to McQueens in Manchester.

    I'd just like to say that over the years I've recommended McQueens to all my RNCM students, and every single one of them has received outstanding service at very fair prices. Long may you prosper and many thanks for the great job you do. And Merry Christmas. Steve Mead
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    alarmingly expensive study books!!

    Hi Toby I've ordered some tuba Brass Gym books and hope to have them in the store very soon. I'll send you a PM as soon as I get them. Thanks.
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    alarmingly expensive study books!!

    You can find it here, price not bad at all ! :)
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    Steven Mead Springs...

    Yes, we're working on the the springs for the 3v and 4v baritone now, and then the Bb Bass. The euphonium set available now also works great on the Eb Bass.
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    Steven Mead Springs...

    thanks Thanks for all the positive feedback from users of the new springs. I'm really delighted to hear this. Steve
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    Steven Mead Springs...

    Well, if I told you the secret, I'd have to kill you :D Just be happy in the knowledge that loads of players are benefiting from them. Steve
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    Steven Mead Springs...

    Yes, absolutely, guaranteed :)
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    Steven Mead Springs...

    Simon, maybe you won't need these excuses any more !!:D
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    Steven Mead Springs...

    Hi All. I thought it might be useful to add a few comments about these new euphonium springs. There are several benefits with these springs, the main ones being that due to the design there is no excessive 'bounce back' that you get with all the other springs on the market making for greater...
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    James Watson RIP

    RIP James Watson Jim was a legend at Desford even before his triumphant return in the late summer of 1987 and the first Nationals win at the RAH. He inherited a great band and took it to the next level, sheer genius. His musical instinct was so fine, his knowledge of brass playing so complete...
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    Criteria Judging

    Dave, my point would be that even if an adjudicator didn't care for too much rubato in a particular section of a piece, for whatever reason, the band would still be able to score highly in all the other areas of the criteria, sound quality, ensemble, tuning, soloists, etc etc . The system I...
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    Baritone Mouthpiece advice

    I might be 'slightly' biased but the Ultra 4 is pretty good! Devoteees of the traditional 6 size, 6BS etc find it too big, but the sound from the 4 is very sonorous. Coming from the EEb Bass , I don't think you'll find the 4 too big. Steve (ps there is a 5 too, in case you need the mid size)
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    The mud-slinging continues...! [ABBA discussion]

    Excellent post !! Happy New Year too
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    3 in a box (split from Black Dyke thread)

    My 7500 word report on the Criteria Judging Experiment (British Open), with a full appraisal of the system, the methodology, collated results, marking schemes, and answers to all the questions that have been posed recently, will be posted on my website this coming Saturday...