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    North of England Regional Championships - 2010

    Which ones are the handsome ones? I obviously can't see them from where I sit!
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    Guitar Hero

    I think my arthritis might have a thing or two to say about that!
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    Guitar Hero

    I love guitar hero. Saving up for 5 and metallica atm, have all the others. I told myself I wasnt allowed anymore till i did my last two expert songs on 3 (one and raining blood are impossible) but I may have to relent.
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    Monster fantasy football league

    I'm in!
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    Chat up lines - Best and worst!

    We had one of the sixth formers come into the staff room a few weeks ago and say "If I was cos squared, would you be sin squared so together we could be one?" No surprisingly we all fell about laughing
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    Mobile Phones In The Band Room

    guilty of both...
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    longest note

    this reminds me of band camp...
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    210 :)
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    Pet(s) and them taking tablets

    My cat's tablets are in liquid form, so we just squirt it into her mouth. The solid ones she was to take get rushed in with her food- luckily she's a wee bit greedy and eats the lot
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    New Year Resolutions

    Not get sacked!
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    New Virtual Charades League

    who? I think I've worked out why I'm not good at this game- I dont watch TV or films!
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    New Virtual Charades League

    1st word- sounds like hair and bell: careful, farewell, bearspell... (no idea!) 2nd word- gum___: fly, buzz, midges, gnats....
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    How has the current economic crisis affected you personally?

    I'm in the position where I have graduated, got a good job, and cant afford a house. I'm lucky that I can live with parents, and save up, but its a bit gutting living away from home for five years and to be back at home. But Im a lot better off then a lot of people, and at least when I can get a...
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    Light the lights Christmas game

    down to 114, but cant get any lower
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    Here come the Girls. harumph..............

    used to think it was alright, now i hate hate hate it! overexposure is baaaaaad!