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    Murton Colliery Band - Vacancies

    We are short of these players for the Hardraw Scar contest in September, if anyone would like to help us out please get in touch :o) (2nd section or below)
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    Murton Colliery Band - Vacancies

    Murton Colliery Band would like to invite players in the area for the following positions:- Soprano Cornet Front Row Tutti Cornet Euphonium We are a 2nd section contesting band in the North East, all players are welcome but we are specifically looking to fill the above positions. We...
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    Murton Colliery Brass Band require new MD

    Murton Colliery Band urgently require an MD to take us to the regional contest in March, we are currently working for Butlins in January and The League contest in February but our current temporary MD is unable to take us to the Regionals. If you would like to help us out or make it a more...
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    CD collection

    Hi BMB, Sounds like we have similar listening tastes, test pieces are great for contests but in my opinion are a bit heavy for easy listening, but then again my brass cd collection isn't anything to write home about either hahaha! Otherwise I have quite an eclectic mix, Frank Sinatra-he's my...
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    oooh i'm a lady!

    A score of 1.58 not too bad I think!
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    Some good news...

    Many Congratulations MUMMIES and DADDIES, the night feeds may seem hard but they are the best times when the phone doesn't ring the postie doesn't knock etc and you can spend every second just watching baby! As for the first three months being the hardest, don't count on it, it doesn't get...
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    reaction test

    I'm a Rocketing Rabbit with an average time of 0.1812 not too bad I think!
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    What does your name mean?

    Hi Guys, long time no post eh? My computer has been very poorly indeed, everybody say ahhh! Anyway, Debra means Bee-Kind Words so BZZZZZ BZZZZZ!!!!! And my middle name Julia means Soft Haired One-Youthful! Yeah Right!
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    Dave is leaving us... but cannot see this category:)

    Well I never got to meet you Dave, it's a little too far away for a beer! I wish you well in your new life, come back to us soon, we'll be lost without your witty comments! Best wishes
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    What's the best car?

    Slight cheat this one but worth thinking about, why not put a second older driver on your insurance ie mum or dad that would drop the cost a little and then you'd still build up your no claims, we couldn't do it for my son with living out of the country, but when we were trawling the internet it...
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    Brass Players Needed in Singapore

    As most of tMPers know I am a member of the only brass band in South East Asia, we are about the standard of a 1st section band in the UK but we need more players as many of our members need to travel because of work commitments, we need mainly cornets but anyone is welcome, so if you know of...
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    :lol: Very funny, this gave my 20yr old and myself a belly laugh tonight, must take it back to Singers with me!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    24-hour sponsored blowathon

    :) Excellent glad you had a good time and well done for raisng all that money. We had a 24hr sponsered sports-a-thon at the school to raise money for the band, but that was when I was about 15 so it was easier for me, couldn't do it now though!!! :roll:
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    Random Phobias - whats yours???

    Oh and did anyone see the huge walking moth on stilts on the field at the Durham Gala? I'm lucky I have a good friend who steered me away from it UUUURRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Random Phobias - whats yours???

    :( Moths and Butterflies are my worst enemies but other things like spiders and wasps don't bother me and I really like bats! :( :( I've just come from the dentist (another fear-not the dentist himself he's really nice-it's the injection in the gum) a filling and an extrction so I have a...