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    Silk Brass (Astra Zeneca) - Vacancies

    Solo Horn Required Help!!!! we still need a Good Solo Horn - getting knackered filling in :-)
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    Sold/Expired Holton TR181 Bass Trombone for Sale

    Trom Trom is Sold see ebay add
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    Sold/Expired Holton TR181 Bass Trombone for Sale

    I am selling this instrument on behalf of my Band "Silk Brass" the bone is approx 8 years old and is in a reasonable condition. The "bad bits" are a few dents in the bell and the slide water key pipe has some minor dents - otherwise the bone is totally playable and ready to go. These...
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    Videos Wanted

    SirBucko, this makes a change, you are normally after mucky videos me owd tromboneering trout
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    Sold/Expired Schilke Soprano For Sale On Ebay

    I am selling on behalf of the Brass Band I play for (Silk Brass) a Schilke Soprano cornet. This instrument is in excellent condition with no dings, there a few marks and a small amount of plate wear on the 3rd valve housing which is of no detriment. The cornet is approx 10 years old and comes...
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    Sold/Expired Sovereign Tenor Horn For Sale On Ebay

    I have listed a mint condition Horn on ebay , I am selling this on behalf of my Band Silk Brass - Macclesfield. Follow the link to the auction
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    Preston Brass at the Guild 2007

    Bloomin eck,, you sussed us owt. Silk were pleased as it was our first contest since promotion to the 1st section, we knew that the performance could be a lot better, but it was a good run out leading upto the area. Not had much feedback, did anyone hear us play?????
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    Preston Brass at the Guild 2007

    Ahhh you ate all the pies Well done Darren and B.T Band, although we did not hear you play I believe you deserved to win. Ginsters are buy 1 get 1 free at Tesco by the way!!
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    Sold/Expired Sovereign BE950 Horn For Sale (AS NEW)

    Played for only 3 months as new in case, paid £1600.00 will accept £1300.00 (RRP £2265.00). tel: 07736 599459 email:
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    NW 2nd Section Regionals

    Here is Silk Brass's New Website URL
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    Sold/Expired Sovereign Horn For Sale

    Approx 7 years old in Laquer. With Hard Case v.g.c £700.00 email:
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    Tenor Horn, North West 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

    Available when free (see schedule)