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    Introducing the tMP Composition Competition.... :)

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    Introducing the tMP Composition Competition.... :)

    The final three marches are::: 1. The Mouthpiece 2. The Mouthpiece 3. The Mouthpiece
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    Radio 2 Young Brass Soloist 2005

    They could have made it young brass band soloist of the year, which would have implied an easy listening programme and different instruments to YMoTY. They could also have included percussion... :roll:
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    2005 Masters Becomes International?!

    there are more 'championship' standard bands in England than anywhere else in the world. The all England Masters allowed all the bands from the different regions to compete against eachother and show how each region can be as good as any other. International bands have a completely different...
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    Classical music - what a rip off?

    I stayed til the very end of the credits of Harry Potter 3 last night (BOC!) to see if there was an extra bit like there was in the second film. Although disappointed by the lack of extra footage, it was worth it just to hear Monsieur Williams' blatant rip off of Rossini's the Thievish Magpie-...
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    Best unis for music?

    You can do conducting at York as well- everything's modular and you can choose from a variety of projects right from the start- conducting's always a choice, as is composition, analysis, etc etc. Its not very brass-band friendly however, so if you want to keep in the brass band field...
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    can someone please tell me why i find this funny?

    hearing laughter makes me want to laugh i think, so it is kinda funny. Apart from canned laughter. That makes me want to shoot the telly...
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    Best Beer Name ever?

    Hopback Pickled Santa's an interesting one.
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    Philip Sparke

    Lol. I might say music of the spheres now, but coming close are still land of the long white cloud and year of the dragon.
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    The Music of the Spheres

    I dont think it was written for 3. Maybe 3 with 3 arms? lol. there were lots of places where all of us were playing together anyway.
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    Would you change??

    I'd vote for Eflat horn. Always wanted to learn it. i did learn euph and trom for a bit, enjoyed both. I'm into conducting a bit at the moment. Feel much more comfortable with sticks rather than a mouthpiece.
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    Percussion solos or features

    I'm not sure I'd agree with spinning song being that easy actually- the notes are easy to play, but it is difficult to lead the ensemble and stay together. there's also much more dynamic contrast than in any other solo ive come across- which is nice, but needs more careful thought than just...
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    Percussion solos or features

    Helter Skelter and On the Track are pretty easy, but they're all over played. A good thing to do is take a well known solo and add a bit of improvisation over the top, put in a few extra glisses and stuff. A bit of artistic licence always goes down well with an audience. Have a listen to...
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    Kill the Charvas/Scallies

    You're also allowed to shoot Scottish people within the city walls of York with a bow and arrow, but i think its only on a Sunday...
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    St. Magnus Variations

    I havnt seen the score at all, i'm lucky enough to be sat on timps with not a lot of running around. It looks like even with 4 players there's a lot of running around to be done, so with three you'll certainly be knackered by the end! if its going well with 3 then great stuff, and good luck for it!