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    Yorkshire euph looking for a challenge

    How do. As you can see from my sig and previous experience, I've been playing euph a long time, and I'm currently top euph at the Band of the Yorkshire Regiment. I recently graduated from Huddersfield Uni where I was dumped on the solo seat (in the brass band) back in first year, keeping that...
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    Your own or band supplied instruments?

    Interesting topic. I'm glad I've never been asked to play a band's instrument - on the occasions I've tried them, they've been nowhere near the quality of my Sterling. That said, I do use the BotYR's 967 for marching and outside gigs, partly to protect my own instrument, but also for the weight...
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    Old or New Solo's?

    It varies depending on the audience. I personally tend to prefer stuff that, well, anything that's not an air varie, but that's just what's appropriate sometimes. My Captain likes to programme euph solos that are either well-known or very relaxing, so the audience has a sort of break from...
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    Sold/Expired Cheap euphonium case for sale

    Yo, check this link: Happy New Year :)
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    Sold/Expired BE967 euphonium for sale

    Just to say, this euphonium has now been sold. Thanks.
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    Sold/Expired BE967 euphonium for sale

    Bobobear, I discovered Sterlings. They're more in the region of £4-5000 though, so the euph I'm selling is for those on a budget ;)
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    Sold/Expired BE967 euphonium for sale

    Ladies and gentlefolk, I have a 3 year old Besson 967 euphonium for sale, silver plated, with hard case and Wick 4AL mp included. It's in good condition (one careful lady owner, no major dents or problems) and has recently been serviced at Octave Above, so the valves are great. Both David...
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    Lip piercings and brass playing??

    Hey, there're a threads here: and here: which you might wanna read x Edit: Thanks for finding these threads Helen (RT)
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    Euph Mouthpieces

    Or Midnight Euphonium is pretty good, jazzy n stuffs. I play on an SM4 - I still have a Wick, and I play it when my SM's in the shop (because I keep dropping it :$) but it just doesn't have as good a sound for me. It also doesn't feel as comfortable since it's kind of sharper. I <3 my SM4 :)
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    How sweet!!!!

    bwahahahahahaha. i'm just loving the image of a badger holding an uzi :D
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    what do you want for christmas?

    Ooh, what kind did you get? I favour the SM4 :)
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    Grange Moor Band, Yorkshire, Player Requirements

    can I come back part-time on percussion? I don't know anything about anything but I'm having marimba lessons off one of the guys at uni :)
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    Things were better in the old days...

    We did. At the HCMF, four brass bands clubbed together to play a huge piece by Alvin Curran at the Night of the Unexpected. It was wonderful. And loud. Badly transcribed from wind band (since there were still trumpet and tuba parts!?), but still really fun to play. Well, not quite, because all...
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    what do you want for christmas?

    a new piece for euphonium, of course. (and a new euphonium, but shh)
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    Help me! I need Musical Christmas Jokes!

    (courtesy of Alex Wilkinson) I knew a turkey once who could never eat much - he was always stuffed.