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    I've always believed the greatest facet of music making is the ability to draw numerous interpretations from a single work, which is why i've always enjoyed listening to the top contests :rolleyes: I guess this is inevitably evident in recordings too, and to that degree... I buy/ listen to a...
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    Whoops! Cheers Brassneck ;) Trying to add a helping hand, and repeating previous knowledge again... nevermind :rolleyes:
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    There's also a credible performance on a cd by the ISB entitled 'Resurgam.' Not sure that cd has been mentioned yet :)
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    Mario Kart on Wii

    *gulp* Caught out ;) :oops: Nah, i'm just lucky and got the Wii for my Birthday, traded my Xbox 360 in for the PS3 :D I'm such a gaming geek... let alone a banding one too :rolleyes:
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    Mario Kart on Wii

    Mario Kart is ace... but i'm afraid i've become rather attached to my PS3 and GTA4 atm... :oops: Found the wheel a bit too sensitive, so agree with the Remote and Nunchuk as my weapons of choice :tongue: I've got Wii Fit too... hefty price IMO, but still a very good piece of kit! ;)
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    Peter Roberts to retire....

    Surely, as an open and public brass band forum is concerned, we're free to speculate our thoughts/ ideas on a range of matters... stop giving him such a hard time :rolleyes: ;)
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    NEW Besson Prestige 2052 Euphonium VALVE RESEVOIR

    Buffet Crampon/ Besson are aware that water reservoirs weren't supplied with the new Prestige models, but they are supposed to be making them available to order/ collect from the supplier you purchased your Euph from asap :)
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    Euphonium Player; Looking for a band

    Don't know the rules regarding bumping... *awaits potentially vicious thrashing by Mods!* ... but i'm still looking for a band, if there are any vacancies out there :rolleyes:
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    Wilkinson contest

    Anyone know the Own Choice pieces in the Champ Section? :) Congrats to Newstead and Lynden Cooper for Best Euph/ Soloist, and to Newstead Youth for their win in the 4th Section! :D
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    Do you ever...

    ... read through your old posts on tMP from years ago, and think that you wrote a lot of tosh!? Lol! :D I've just read some of mine from about 3/4 years ago, and i'm embarrassed... lol!
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    Euphonium Player; Looking for a band

    Hi guys, currently looking for a band- thought i'd ask the lovely folk on tMP! ;) I'm a Euphonium player, currently in my 2nd Year at the RNCM, so bands about an hour/ hour and a half away from Manchester via train would be ideal. I'd be ideally looking for a Championship section or 1st...
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    Sold/Expired - new Sales site for!

    Recently launched on the 22nd October, is a brand new sales section for, jointly run by both Steve Mead and Pat Stuckemeyer. Entitled 'Just for Brass' (, the site will sell various products ranging from cd's, sheet music, mouthpieces, gig bags and much more...
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    Young Composers...

    Although I rib him from time to time, Ben Tubb's definately a talented up coming composer, who I really hope will go far- certainly deserves too! He's started to get some good exposure- RNCM Young Composers in January, premieres in America at their contest, amidst some other stuff too... keep at...
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    RNCM 2007 Festival of Brass

    Such a trek from halls to get there (about 2 minutes! :rolleyes:)... i'm there all weekend, and shall join you for a few in Scu ;)