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    British Open - Are You Going/your Prediction?

    Does anyone know what time the contest starts?
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    Who are the cornet players with the nicest sound????

    i think Brian Taylor has a brilliant cornet sound. Cant believe people dont rate him with the lights of Webster and Morrison :?
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    2005 Masters Becomes International?!

    I no its not the same subject but i believe the organisers have picked a good piece again in Cloudcatcher Fells, great piece of music. :lol:
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    Butlins and Final Test pieces announced

    I do hope the new test piece by Michael Ball is'nt as bad as Whitsun wakes which i found rubbish. Also Ballet for band is a good piece just played to often :roll:
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    European Brass Band Championship - Your predictions?

    Cant see anyone beating YBS at the europeans and can see an all British top three 1. YBS 2. Faireys 3. Cory
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    Philip Sparke

    I think his last test piece he wrote "Tallis Variations" is his best. Its suberb :lol:
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    What every band room should have

    could'nt agree more and a small bar would go down really well between and after band :lol:
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    Best horn player around at the moment?

    Thats were i have heard Phil
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    Best horn player around at the moment?

    I believe Phil Radal is not playing full time anymore but is conducting a first section band in the South west region
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    Best horn player around at the moment?

    Have also heard old man Phil Randal on Tron con brio ..... briiliant :lol:
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    Best horn player around at the moment?

    Just come back from the YABB tour to Luxembourg. And having to play Bohemium Rhapsody i heard Helen Vardey who plays solo horn for BT band. She is one of the best i have ever heard :lol:
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    Pieces that could do with being recorded

    i feel there should be another cd with all of Phlilip Wilby's latest music like Revelation Dove Desending Jazz Atlantic
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    Best Performance - ever!!!!

    For me there have been two performances from Cory in recent years which have both been amazing. Harrisons Dream (Nationals 2000) Maunsell Forts (British Open 2002) unforgetable and both superb pieces :D
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    The Maunsell Forts-John Macabe

    Does anybody know if there has been a recording of the Maunsell forts by John Macabe which was used at the British Open two years ago.
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    Younger band members (continued)

    well being a soprano player thats what your there for, you should see some of the looks my dad gets :D