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    New Zealand Folk Song

    Pokarekare Ana I have recently arranged this for cornet/flugel and euphonium/baritone duet. Email me at for details. Cheers Steven
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    Baritone solo cd

    baritone stuff... actually guys it was David Evans and Snady Smith playing Meiso on Essence of Time. David joined when I left just before the CD was recorded. :-) Cheers Steven
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    Waitakere Secure new Solo Eb Bass

    The Trusts Waitakere Brass Band are delighted to announce the signing of Eb Tuba player Stuart Bennion. Stu joins the band from local rivals Dalewool, following 12 years of loyal service, and is looking forward to an exciting future with the Waitakere band under their new musical director Steven...
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    Terra Australis - Martin Ellerby

    Thanks Thanks to all for your responses. I'll get hold of the RM version in the meantime and have a listen. Steven
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    Terra Australis - Martin Ellerby

    Does anyone know if there is a recording of this work available and where I can get hold of one please? Many thanks Steven Booth
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    Opportunity of a Lifetime - in New Zealand

    The Trusts waitakere Band under their new musical director Steven Booth: Require PRINCIPAL CORNET SOLO BARITONE Eb or Bb BASS/TUBA The ‘Trusts’ Waitakere Brass, one of New Zealand’s finest and friendliest brass bands, is currently seeking applications from cornet, baritone and...
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    Waitakere Band (NZ) Jazz Mania - 19/11/06

    JAZZ MANIA CONCERT – TRUSTS STADIUM – Sunday 19th November 2006 The ‘Trusts’ Waitakere Brass, one of New Zealand’s finest brass bands, is proud to present their Jazz Mania Concert, to be held on Sunday 19th November at the fantastic Trusts Stadium in Henderson, Waitakere. The concert...
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    Fancy Playing in New Zealand..???

    The Trusts Waitakere City Brass Band (A Grade) will shortly be advertising for the position of Principal cornet, (and we also have a couple of vacancies for other postions) so if you are interested in finding out more and want to get ahead of the crowd please email me, Steven Booth at...
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    Press Release from Waitakere - NZ

    Waitakere Secure Steven Booth as Their New MD The Trusts Waitakere City Brass Band based in Auckland are delighted to have secured the services of the well known baritone soloist and conductor Steven Booth. Steven assisted the band earlier in the year as conductor, and took up the full...
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    Sold/Expired Loads of Stuff For Sale...

    Final Music Clearance - Massive Bargains Due to my impending relocation to another country I MUST sell the following music - CHEAP! Earle Of Oxfords March - Brass 10 Piece William Byrd arr.Elgar Howarth Full score & parts BRAND NEW - £10 Kraken (From Brass Cats) NEW Brass 10 Piece Chris...
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    Sold/Expired Wanted: A baritone!

    Depends how much you want to spend, If you want a decent one it HAS to be a Sovereign. 3 VALVE !!! I have one for sale but due to the current shortage of Sovereigns due to the Besson siutation it isn't cheap! It's 5 years old but like new. If you're interested contact me off list at...
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    Sold/Expired Loads of Stuff For Sale...

    Ebay - 30 mins left - Music HALF PRICE Check out Ebay - 2 x 10 piece barss music brand new. 30mins left. Get in now & get them for less than half price. Item number: 7390843469 Item number: 7390844122
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    Sold/Expired Loads of Stuff For Sale...

    Sorry no euphs. I had an old one but sold it some time ago. ot euph lyres, euph solos, even maybe a euph mouthpiece.... :-) Steven
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    Sold/Expired Loads of Stuff For Sale...

    Brass Solo Music For Sale Rhapsody For Eb Soprano Cornet Good Soloist & Band/Piano Robert Eaves Eb Soprano Cornet Short score - doubles as piano part - £5 Spanish Eyes NEW Soloist & Band/Piano Kaempfert Woodfield Eb or Bb Trumpet or cornet Short score (doubles as piano part) & both Bb & Eb...
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    Sold/Expired Loads of Stuff For Sale...

    Brass Band CD's For Sale Bouquet from Flowers Flowers Gloucester Brass Band as NEW £5 Old Rugged Cross Grimethorpe Colliery Brass Band NEW £5 World Fever Brass Band Waldsang NEW £5 Or all 3 for £12 plus postage. Steven Booth