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    Music for Scottish themed concert

    Does this work?
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    Music for Scottish themed concert

    Ah no, I’m pretty sure it’s not on YouTube anywhere yet. There’s a live recording on SoundCloud (please excuse the idiot flugel player (me) who was too busy listening to the music to play the right notes!) JudithH (scroll down the list to get to it!)
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    Music for Scottish themed concert
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    Music for Scottish themed concert

    Yes - I’ve done a pretty arrangement of Forres Cradle Song, features the solo euph (or can feature flugel or cornet instead) - the melody is by Scotland’s most prolific composer of fiddle airs and jigs, James Scott Skinner. It’s available from Larch Music. It will be something different but...
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    Cross Patonce

    Idiot. I meant third movement :) (Allouette as in Gentille Allouette)
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    Cross Patonce

    1st movement Allouette
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    Sold/Expired For sale: Uniform trousers and skirts

    We have a number of black dress trousers/skirts (originally from Handleys) and some grey walking out trousers/skirts. If you are interested let me know and I will count them and give an idea of sizes. It's a caseful, estimate around 20 pairs, maybe more. They are in good condition. Offers...
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    Concert for Children in Need, 14th Nov, Cranbrook, Kent

    You played it! :D hope you (and the paying public!) enjoyed it :)
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    Sold/Expired Open and Gala Concert tickets 4/5 Sep 2010

    I have tickets for the British Open at Symphony Hall, Birmingham, Saturday 4th September 2010, and the Gala Concert the next day (Dyke, Cory, Grimethorpe). Both excellent seats: Sat: right terrace, row B, face value £11.50 Sun: left terrace, row A, face value £14.50 If you can use...
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    Regionals 2010 : Second Section Test Piece - Kingdom of Dragons

    I've cut my part with scissors (flugel - first page) to avoid the turnover at the bottom of page 1 - there are 2 bars to turn but they are quick bars.... Now i can turn over in my 16 bars rest on page 2 instead. I also tried cutting the back page but then the music wouldn't stand up so i had to...
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    Christmas Gift for brass bander

    (and a Boobs and Brass CD ;) )
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    Christmas Gift for brass bander

    A pack of 25 neodymium magnets for holding your music on to your stand at park jobs?!
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    Sold/Expired New flugel solo cd from john lee

    It's a cracking CD - wish wish wish I'd got off my lazy rear this summer and actually played on it... thanks ladies and John, you make a fantastic sound, am really looking forward to concert this Saturday and bringing in my order for copies of the CD for my entire band (well, that's the plan...
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    Sold/Expired Ebay - "Buyers"

    Psion 3a 2MB PDA palmtop, Working, intermittent screen
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    Sold/Expired Ebay - "Buyers"

    Psion Series 3 3a 3c 3 link RS232 serial cable & PsiWin