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    Official "Whit Friday" Thread....including results!

    Just Reading the Results from Droylsden, (The Bush Inn) Some Funny Ones! WARDLE & DIST. ANDERSON BRASS 11th Fodens 14th SILK BRASS 15th (Wha Hey) Glossop Old 16th Leyland 17th Poynton 25th No disrespect to Wardle, well done guys but surely seeing how leyland and Fodens...
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    What made Whit Friday 2005 special for me was....

    For me it was the detour from Scouthead, to denshaw. We missed one vital turning and had to pass through Marsden then Slaithwate and then into Huddersfield, coming back into denshaw off the motorway!!! Lovely scenary however, and 'Big Dave' was getting rather excited at seeing the viaduct...
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    Official "Whit Friday" Thread....including results!

    Just Keep looking at 4Barsrest, they are putting the results up quite quickly!
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    Official "Whit Friday" Thread....including results!

    Latest off 4BarsRest: Tameside Dukinfield, 45 , Dave Chapman 1 Fodens 2 Leyland 3 Lindley Best local:1st Ashton, 2nd BT, 3rd Mossley Second section: 1stBlackpool Brass Third Section: Middleton 4th Section: St Johns Mossley Youth: 1st South East Cheshire, 2nd Wirral Cornet...
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    Official "Whit Friday" Thread....including results!

    Yeh really enjoyed myself! We had a little detour, missed one turning and ended up in Huddersfield! oops!! Still managed to do 10, pretty good! Glad the weather stayed fine!
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    Official "Whit Friday" Thread....including results!

    South East Cheshire Youth - 2nd in Youth Section - Denton CC WELL DONE!!!
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    Sold/Expired Grade 8 Aural Tests CD - Associated Board

    I am selling this CD which I have used very little! It was however very useful to listen to as it has 6 complete examination-style practice tests on it for the Associated Board. £15 brand new it cost me plus Postage. Mint Condition, Any offers? email me at or just...
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    The 'Official' tMP North West Regional Thread

    Yep! Thats us, Thank you True, took it abit faster on the day, but surely a band shouldn't be judged on their tempos, unless they dramatically change them. I belive we kept the piece under control and I know you have to do what it says on the piece of music, but surely to add musicallity to...
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    The 'Official' tMP North West Regional Thread

    Yeah! "WE WOZ ROBBED" HeeeHeee Haahaa
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    The 'Official' tMP North West Regional Thread

    Gutted is all I can say But well done to Wire and £6 for a pint of Becks!
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    The 'Official' tMP North West Regional Thread

    Cheerz Rach! Come on SILK! and Good Luck to Fodens, though they don't really need it!!
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    Anyone going to Dobcross Slow Melody??

    Hello all! Anyone out there going to the Dobcross slow melody today?? Taa Ben
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    Pontins Contest 2004

    I know i'm biased, but i thought we deserved a better place than 14th!! can't belive it really??! we played in our own eyes a good performance, and from what other people had commented from our performance we thought we had clinched at least a top 6 placing! Thought Elland played well and...
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    tMP Pontins Predictions

    4barsrest never get it right though!
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    tMPers at the Whits

    Didn't see anyone cos i don't really know anyone!! But did anyone see Silk anywhere? I played Solo Cornet, in da rep position though, :shock: :shock: