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    Yes we do. We wrote it out from a very old handwritten score. It's a cracking march
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    WANTED: Hard case for BBb B&H Imperial

    Hi, yes it has castors and is in good condition, we paid £250 so how about 220? we dont have pics at the mo as it is in the bandroom but soon as we are able we can measure up and take piccies, its deffo for a BBb bass
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    WANTED: Hard case for BBb B&H Imperial

    we have one, its surplus to requirements, its massive. we are based J25 M1 we paid £250 for it cheers Shaz
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    Still Wanted - Brass Teacher, with extra info

    Hi I teach all ages and abilities and I am based in Long Eaton J25 M1 cheers Sharon
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    Long Eaton Silver Prize Band and Training Band

    Hi all our training band has vacancies for trombone and tuba all instuments and tuition provided email Monday eve 7pm The senior band also have a vacancy for tuned percussion Wed eve 7.30pm just off J25 M1 Derby Rd Trade Centre Sandiacre
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    2019 Area test piece discussion thread

    has anyone come across an errata as yet or even an unofficial list of printing errors of the Holst
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    Sold/Expired Free music

    will do, will give you a mention too
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    Sold/Expired Free music

    this is great and our training band are playing this at an entertainments contest soon
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    Midlands National Finals Preview At L.E.S.P.B.

    Midlands National Finals Preview At L.E.S.P.B.Long Eaton Silver Prize Band are holding a National Finals preview event on Sunday September 7th featuring Newhall, Ireland Colliery and Blidworth bands. The adjudicator for the evening is Mr Graham Jacklin. Entry is free and open to the public...
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    Rimmer Marches

    yep as a contest march, we have our own march too, Long Eaton, written by Will Elsom :)
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    Rimmer Marches

    we are going to do Knight of the Road at the Whit marches this year :)
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    Rimmer Marches

    more news on this, the march is definitely Knight of the Road by Rimmer,the front page states King, then the inside title is Knight of the road. we have king of the road by greenwood we require drum parts to Knight of the road if anyone has this march cheers Shaz
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    I The Lord of sea sky (here I am lord)

    thanks guys, its for a wedding...................
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    I The Lord of sea sky (here I am lord)

    hi all, I am after a brass band arrangement of the hymn tune I The Lord of sea sky (here I am lord) does any one have a copy please:p
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    Finals Run through Midlands

    Four of the Midlands Area National Finalists will be getting together on Sunday 9th September to offer listeners an opportunity to hear just how their preparations are going for the Cheltenham event. Previews All four set works can be heard at Long Eaton Silver Prize Band Social Club in Long...