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    Necessary Evils?

    thanks for your support.
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    Necessary Evils?

    Just to clarify the situation, being a player of both Potters Bar town band and EMM and PB contest band. The bands have not merged but have infact formalised a situation that has been running for a number of years.It was felt that after winning the national finals we would make the situation...
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    percussionist needed for 4th section contest band

    Potters Bar and Enfield band are entering this years area contest but as yet have been unsuccessful in finding a percussionist. Rehearsals are Sundays 3-5pm at Potters Bar Town Band rehearsal room details on website
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    New players needed at Potters Bar

    Potters Bar Town band needs new players in all sections. We are a friendly sociable bunch in need of some new blood. For rehearsal details visit our web site (heading edited, PB, Mod)