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    How many tMPers have depped for Wem?

    BMB Vickitorious Di me! super_sop/craigy theMusicMan Sparkly!! WoodenFlugel Steve (and the training band :-P) stephen_clapton Salli (since 1978!!)
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    the tMP Predictions Competition for the 2005 Regionals

    :woo I can't believe I've won this competition! :woo (I didn't think for one minute that would happen) but seriously . . . :dunno :oops: I do not believe I wanted to do that! :oops: :dunno so . . . To stop me feeling quite so guilty, I would like to give the prize of 'The...
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    Softly Awakes my Heart

    Here is the only midi I could find:
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    the tMP Predictions Competition for the 2005 Regionals

    :woo I'm 4th! - not quite sure how that happened! :dunno
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    Harry Potter- Book 6

    The prophecy was between 'The Dark Lord' i.e. Voldemort (presumably), and the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord who would be born as the seventh month died to parents who had thrice defied Voldemort. This could have been Neville or Harry at first, but the prophecy also stated that...
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    Harry Potter- Book 6

    OK here goes . . . We know from JK Rowling that the HBP isn't Harry or Voldemort and I'm sure I've read that at the Edinburgh Book Festival she said that it isn't Dudley either. It also isn't Neville, Draco or any of the Weasleys as they're all pure blood. The favourite bet at the moment seems...
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    Community of the Year Awards from

    All done. We're now in the lead again - just. 68 votes to 67. Come on everyone - get voting!
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    The person before...

    ^ calls everyone dude and has just started playing on another cornet
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    contact number

    This is from the Contacts page on their website: If you want to join the band or just call in for a blow! Email the Musical Director, Malcolm Lewis
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    How's tMP performing for you? ....:)

    This also happened to me. Is your computer home page/favourites/link still set to access tMP with the '' domain? If it is, you need to change to '.com' as you will be losing all your 'posts since last visit' because the site re-directs when you log in.
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    Harsh! But fair?

    Someone has actually bid £1,966.00 :shock:
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    Dark thorne.....

    I've been trying to persuade him to do that for ages, but for some unknown reason he wants to grow old gracefully and actually likes the fact his hairs going grey :shock: For ages he had a white area on the top of his head which made him look like he'd been painting a ceiling -it's evening...
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    Dark thorne.....

    and me! I've clicked twice now :D
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    The person before...

    ^ is going to be an excellent moderator :D