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    NEMBBA - Contest Feedback

    Who is the best contact for NEMBBA these days? Adam's email address is no longer working Cheers Dave
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    Carlton Brass (Nottingham) - Vacancies

    Seats are filling up nicely at Carlton Brass but we are still looking for: Eb or Bb Bass Rehearsals are Monday and Thursday nights in our own bandroom,close to Nottingham city centre. Good bus and train links( train station right next door to the bandroom) Contact our secretary on 07946...
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    Flugel/cornet needed 22nd June in Beeston/Nottingham

    Due to holiday commitments I cannot make an afternoon concert at Roundhill School in Beeston, Nottingham tomorrow 22nd June. Are there any flugel/cornet players available that could help out please? Happy to return the favour. The band should start playing around 1ish Cheers :) Dave
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    Paddy's Midlands Area - 2013

    I was going to say the same thing. Superbly organised. Thanks all :)
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    A new Testpiece in the making?

    Brings a whole new meaning to "sheet music"...
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    Butlins 2013

    What an ace weekend :D Well done to those that turned up. It's still my favourite banding event of the year. Came last! Didn't think we played that badly, but I enjoyed our performance and it's a shame we didn't do better. Lots of constructive criticism from one of the adjudicators (Foales)...
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    Butlins 2013

    I'll be setting off from Nottingham after work tomorrow - crossing my fingers that the snow isn't too bad. Anyone heading from the west of the country should definitely set off early if they can - looks like it's going to be blizzard conditions over there
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    Ad Undas - to the waves!

    Having played through it quite a bit - and performed it at a contest - I really like it. It won't win any prizes for originality, but there's some nice moments in there, especially in the slow movement.
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    Leicester Contest - Record Entry

    Carlton Brass also did Ad Undas and came a disappointing 14th. Thought we made some nice sounds but had too many little mistakes. Enjoyed the contest though - very well run event and a nice venue :)
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    Happy 10th birthday to tMP!

    Wow, ten years already? I think that tMP is an immensely important aspect of the banding community. Thanks for keeping it going John - it IS much appreciated :)
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    'ow do! I'm guessing you're the same David Morris I'm following on Twitter (other social networks are available)? Welcome to tMP :)
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    Best 4th section testpieces of this millenium

    Great piece and certainly playable by a good 4th section band. Lots of percussion too
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    Paddy's Midlands Area - 2012

    Guessing. Lots of bands struggling for players in all sections so who knows who's still going to be around in five years #pessimist
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    Paddy's Midlands Area - 2012

    It would probably make more sense to promote more up from the 3rd to second and 4th to third than try and relegate more bands down from the 1st. 18 seems like a fairly "normal" size for a large area like the Midlands and it might have some natural attrition in the next few years
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    Paddy's Midlands Area - 2012

    Hope our battles in the first section continue for many a musical year :)